Resurrecting a Blog

Somewhere in the sea of good intentions swims my desire to blog more. It seems I am destined for fits and spurts. Still, I want to make the attempt to write more. I love writing. I think through my fingers or pen.

My husband, who is much better at follow through on his intentions gave me some helpful suggestions. Still, both of us realize that real life must be the priority over cyber-life, so if things get sporadic, it’s probably due to busy-ness here at home.

Some ideas I have for my blog are:

1. a feature called MOMentum. MOMentum Monday is an attempt to harness the power of the gospel to propel us forward as moms. I am repeatedly convicted by how often I neglect connecting the gospel to my life here in the home. There are so many blogs out there helping us get motivated to manage our homes well, save money, be creative. I love them because they spur me on toward good deeds here in the home. But still, these things are only going to bring God glory when they are motivated and sustained by the gospel. So to help me remember and be motivated rightly (and maybe encourage someone else) I want to be deliberate in connecting the gospel with issues of womanhood. My goal for this series is 10 Mondays.

2. Continuing my Relo series.

3. getting the kids to blog a week in review. My goal for this is to do 4 kids (one per week) and see if it works. This would be a feature more for aunties and grandmas.

4. Everyone can do this tips and pointers. I have a handful (and yes, it is only a handful 🙂 ) of practical stuff I am going to try to post. I would like to use video some for these things, but again, we will see.


6 thoughts on “Resurrecting a Blog

  1. Sounds like a good plan. BTW, I still tuck all my sheets into one pillowcase per your helpful tip. I’m looking forward to that portion along w/ the MOMentum..clever. 🙂

  2. thanks gals. i hope i can make this happen. i actually planned the week in advance instead of going purely by the seat of my pants. we will see how long i can sustain it.

  3. I also want to do more book reviews.

    Leslie, i’m reading more of yours on discerning reader so i can learn how it’s done. it’s such a blessing to read a review before you make a purchase of a book, or to get ideas for a good, worthwhile read. thanks for doing it so well.

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