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MOMentum: Two Women


*MOMentum is a new feature of Ordinary Mother. My hope is to harness the power of the gospel to impel us forward in our pursuit of biblical womanhood.

Two women. Two beautiful expressions of the gospel being lived and loved. Two role models I want to keep before me this new year.

The Proverbs 31 woman. She is the composite sketch of what it looks like to be set free to love others which is only possible by the transforming work of the gospel of Jesus Christ . She is diligent, hard working, and industrious resulting in her husband’s greater credibility and her children blessing her.  Her beauty was conceived in the mind of God, and gives Christian women today practical examples of gospel-living.

The Sinful woman. The harlot of Proverbs becomes the model in Luke 7:36-50. She who had been forgiven much, loved the Savior much. Her tears washed Jesus’ feet and her alabaster flask of precious oil anointed them. She feels deeply in her heart the affects of love and mercy found in Jesus and this takes expression in her extravagant worship of Him in a Pharisee’s  house. Her beauty was also conceived in the mind of God, and gives Christian women today an example of gospel-loving.

The beauty of these women isn’t in themselves. It is the reflected beauty of a Savior whose lavish grace cleanses sinful women, and sets them free to live selflessly for His glory alone. I pray my life will resemble both of them more this year. I want to live for Him out of a love for Him.


11 thoughts on “MOMentum: Two Women

  1. That’s excellent…gospel living, gospel loving women..what a great combination, a balance hard to strike but worth striving for.
    By the way, what IS the new picture of? :0 My artsy fartsy friend that you are.

  2. Bri, my faithful encourager, thank you.

    My header is a drop causing a ripple affect in water that is reflecting a flame. I can’t remember where I got it. I am ever frustrated with finding a good header for my blog. i need to learn how to make one. artsy fartsy or flaky, i’m not sure which 😉 .

  3. This is excellent Laurie, I’m so glad you are blogging. I am challenged by both women and I love to meditate on the sinful women. She makes me remember all that i’ve been forgiven and she causes me to worship the Savior even more.

  4. Laurie! This blog is amazing; you are a very gifted writer! Thank you so much for sharing God’s Word and challenging me; your beautiful heart is shining through your words.

  5. If you want I’ll make you a header! Send me pics you like and I’ll put it together. Or I’ll come something on my own and you’ll have to put it up to be nice to me. Kidding! 🙂

  6. Danielle, I would love for you to put something together. i have no idea what i want, though. the name Ordinary Mother doesn’t exactly lend itself to exciting blog headers 🙂 .

  7. if you have time, being the industrious woman who happens to have 2 toddlers at home 🙂 . I’ve been into art deco and art nouveau lately. But don’t feel confined by that….I’m just trying to give ideas. If you can think of something ordinary and motherly, that’s fine too.

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