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Wii Bit of Caution

Wii finally have one. My generous parents bought the kids a nintendo wii for Christmas this year, and Jason’s generous parents bought the extra controllers and games. I am so happy for my kids who have wanted a Wii for a long time. Wii put it off as long as possible because video games seem… Continue reading Wii Bit of Caution


Humbling Holidays

Christmas accentuates what is true of me all year long, that I have serious limitations. Limitations of creativity. of time. of capacity. of energy. of money. Christmas accentuates what is true of me all year long, that I am a sinner. Sins of pride. Anxiety. Anger. Self sufficiency. And yet Christmas also accentuates what is… Continue reading Humbling Holidays

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Better Late Than Never

Two of my dear friends started blogging…finally! Please go visit my friend Kathy at By Grace We Build. This blog is intended to keep family and friends posted on the life and times of the Wilson family as they have moved from MD to OH. But, in my opinion the blog serves a bigger purpose… Continue reading Better Late Than Never

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Sierra and Caleb

My niece, Sierra, is a very talented girl. She is good at every imaginable art. Seriously. In this video she is singing a song she and her friend wrote. Sierra wrote the melody, her friend wrote the lyrics. Oh…and be sure to watch my dad play the air bongos in the beginning. He is so… Continue reading Sierra and Caleb


My Favorite Elves

I couldn’t resist the disco elves. And as a side note, I think I’ve done this routine in my jazzercise class. Looks very familiar. more about "My Favorite Elves", posted with vodpod