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Halley and Megan’s Birthday Cake

Here is the cake I made for the Allison twins. These dear girls are 23 years old and are bright and bubbly just like the cake 🙂 .


11 thoughts on “Halley and Megan’s Birthday Cake

  1. ok.. my birthday is in 17 days. i will be 37, is it bad that i want that cake for my birthday? 😉

    gorgeous cake. I bet they were scrumptious as well.

  2. Ah the affirmation!! Why I post pictures of my cakes on my blog. You ladies are so generous with your compliments. thank you thank you thank you.

  3. I’ll happily bring my girlie out there in April if you’ll make her one of these cakes for her b’day. The colors are totally her –the very ones her room is decorated in. JOel is sitting her oggling over it, “Sarah, you’ve gotta see this cake. You’ll love it so much it’ll make you cry!”

  4. Good for you! That’s great that your class is so close to home and that your neighbor friend will be sweating along with you. We will pray for them.

    That cake was such a blessing to the girls! I just loved the colors and it was yummy! . . .affirmation is needed at times in an “ordinary mother’s” life so soak it up.

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