Sobbing Mess

That’s what I am after watching this video.

My old church has a new name, and part of the celebration was the cardboard testimonies of people whom I know and love dearly. They point most powerfully to the sovereign grace of our merciful Father demonstrated in the lives of ordinary people. Indeed, Sovereign Grace Church is aptly named.


12 thoughts on “Sobbing Mess

  1. Making a puddle myself!
    I watched this on Bri’s blog this morning and had to watch it again on yours. So powerful–what a celebration!

  2. thanks… now I’m a sobbing mess and prior to watching this I had put on my makeup for my date tonight 🙂

    Man this gets me excited to plant a church… thanks for posting this.

  3. WOW! What a beautiful way that they testified to our Amazing Redeemer. I just happened to see this on Chad’s laptop as we also just happened to find out who our new president is. It was perfect timing to see what only God can do when in the natural things look bleak.

    All is well
    For God is true

  4. Oh, what a joy to see dear friends from Chesapeake – I mean Sov. Grace Church! – and rejoice with what has God has done in their lives and in our former church! We miss them, but are so excited for what God is doing HERE in Ohio.

  5. Oh wow! That is a tear jerker for sure! I love this church! I am praying to someday be able to return to it. I took it for granted the first time around. That WILL NOT happen again if God graciously blesses me with the opportunity to return to it. God Bless You, Laurie!

  6. Thanks for sharing. These are the ministry moments you treasure! Enjoy seeing these trophy’s of God’s grace.

  7. Wow! 🙂 I was crying almost the whole time this was playing! (I’m 11 years old) I am so glad I saw this video! Thankyou. 🙂

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