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Relo #9: Where “for the sake of the gospel” Meets Real Life

As I type, my cyber-friend Tara is probably rushing around her house getting ready for a showing this evening at 5 pm (MST). Tara just got home yesterday from an extended time away. She has three young children and homeschools her oldest. Not only does she need to get her vacation laundry done, restock her pantry, and get her kids back to normal life, she has to get her house ready to be shown.

Tara’s husband has the privilege of leading a church plant in Arizona this summer and you can read about it on her blog right here. It is so exciting seeing the gospel go forth through the planting of a new church. I know Tara is excited about this…you can feel her enthusiasm in her testimony. And throughout her blog, it is evident that Tara loves the gospel, and loves sharing the gospel.

But today, in the intensity of getting a house ready for a showing, Tara is really living “for the sake of the gospel”.  It’s in these moments that require such hidden and hard sacrifice that the power of the gospel is so profoundly displayed.  It’s not just in being willing to go.  It’s in the days that lead up to going (and the days after you get there).  It’s how Tara’s husband can be released to do what God has called him to.  It’s where “for the sake of the gospel” gets lived out in real life.

Please pray that Tara’s house sells. Pray that God will continue to give grace for her to serve her husband joyfully. Pray that she would sense God’s distinct pleasure as she does her part in the furtherance of the gospel.

2 thoughts on “Relo #9: Where “for the sake of the gospel” Meets Real Life

  1. This was an excellent way to commend a friend and also communicate to the rest of us (as you faithfully do so well!) what it looks like to practically do all things for the sake of the gospel.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers! I have greatly benefited by godly women like you, who’ve gone before me.

    I’m loving all your re-lo posts- thanks for taking the time to post them.

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