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Relo #7: Sacred Ordinary

You may have experienced this before. Your world gets turned upside down by something: a crisis, the birth of a baby, a long vacation, etc. And that morning you wake up at home for the first day of “back to normal, or new normal” you find perhaps unexpected solace in the ordinary rituals that make up your daily life.

It was a comfort to wake up in my new home, walk downstairs, brew the coffee, read my Bible, make breakfast for the kids, and put on a load of laundry just as I had for hundreds of mornings before. Those things that I have complained about so many times – the redundancy of housework, the hard work of homeschooling,  the meal planning and preparation – were a steady rhythm in the midst of so much change.

What am I doing with my life here in Ohio? Mostly the same things I was doing in Maryland. God’s design for me as Jason’s helper (which for me looks like cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling) didn’t change when I moved. And though I’m not always conscious of the “sacredness” of the ordinary parts of life, being here helped me to love and cherish certain rituals, at least in the beginning when the rest of life was kind of crazy.

Do you have any experiences of finding unexpected comfort in the sacred ordinaries of life?


6 thoughts on “Relo #7: Sacred Ordinary

  1. I remember waaaaay back (2 months ago :-), when we moved to MD, we had 2 whole weeks to settle in before Dan started classes. But it wasn’t until the classes started and we got back into our normal routine that I felt like I was really settled in. I remember on that first morning when Dan left for class, how grateful I was for that Ordinary Day to begin.

  2. I feel like this so much. I love “normal” days. Sometimes too much, honestly. I’m just so thankful for God’s grace in the ordinary. In the naps that are taken, in things that are accomplished in a day, in the calm of my boys playing well. How comforting! How thankful it makes me towards God who cares about the mundane!

    Col. 3:17: 17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

  3. I remember when I finally brought Adelee home from the NICU I was soooooooooo Grateful for a normal ordinary day/routine. I think that is something that so easily can be taken for granted and yet something we should constantly be thanking God for. I would much rather homeschool, meal plan, clean house than sit in a hospital wondering if my baby is going to be okay.

    Thanks for the reminder to rejoice and thank God for the Ordinary Days

  4. When my parents had passed away, everything seemed unreal to me. I had no “ordinary” anything because all seemed surreal. I spent weeks in bed severely depressed and grief stricken. I lost my job after my mom passed due to missing too much time according to their attendance policy. So life became very extraordinary for me. It was that way for a long time after that.
    Nowadays, I am very grateful for the normalcy in my life. For instance, my husband and I laughing about our predictability having known each other for a while now. Coming out of my bedroom in the morning and sitting at my computer for my daily and much needed dose of audio bible. My husband making dinner and helping me clean up.
    I know my life will be turned upside down again someday. That realization makes me very grateful for the continuity that the “mundane” and “routine” things of life can bring.

  5. Richelle, I can’t believe what you have been through. Reading your comment humbles me as I consider what I call “suffering”. Thank you for the reality check.

    Bethany, I remember Caleb being in the PICU (for the heart thing that they were thinking your little guy had) and after he came home thinking about people who didn’t get to come home and do “normal” because their child stayed ill. It’s heart wrenching but does make us grateful for what otherwise feels mundane.

  6. Laurie,
    I need to ask you some questions about your sons heart thing. I didn’t see an email contact on your contact section. Can you email me. I have an email on my blog profile. My guy has had some more issues and I wanted to ask you a question.

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