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Okay, so after re-reading Izzy’s little assigned poem to memorize, and feeling sufficiently convicted – i took relief in the fact that the first line is wrong: True worth is never in my being anything but in Christ. So that led me to re-think this little rhyme.

True worth is in the only Being;

Who each day on earth gone by,

Perfectly obeyed even Seeing

The cross and the agony.

Not only did He heal men’s blindness,

Forgiving the fancies of youth,

The eternal King in His kindness,

Shows us He is the life, way, and truth.


6 thoughts on “Rewritten

  1. I am duly impressed with your line-by-line rewrite. It’s thoughtful and insightful, and most importantly, leaves me thankful that anything worthwhile is because of Him.

    I’m not sure I agree that the original first line is wrong. Maybe I just read it differently. I think the author’s point is to be authentic, to do rather than say you’re gonna do or want to do. ” My Paul has nipped my tendency to say, “I want to be organized,” (or thinner or more patient or whatever)” by asking me, “Do you want to be that or become that? Becoming is gonna take more than words!” Ah, my spot-on Paul.

  2. Zoanna, I absolutely agree with the idea that there is true worth in being rather than seeming. I believe the idea of what she is saying. Therein is the “ouch”.

    I think I was more considering – and stated too strongly by saying she was “wrong” – that my true worth as a person is only found in Christ, not in my performance.

  3. I love the rewrite! It certainly rings truer to what, or rather Who Truth is. And His kindness to us far exceeds any other kindness.

  4. That is just excellent and helps me behold the beautiful face of Christ today. Thanks. I’m going to jot it down on a piece of paper and keep it on my counter to help me behold him today in all my busy-ness.

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