Not Being but Becoming

“This life, therefore, is not righteousness but growth in righteousness, not health but healing, not being but becoming, not rest but exercise. We are not yet what we shall be but we are growing toward it. The process is not yet finished but it is going on. This is not the end but it is… Continue reading Not Being but Becoming

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Relo #10: Relo with Kiddos

It is one thing to have faith to leave family, friends, church, a support system, etc. It requires a whole other level of faith to do this to your children. Not many things grieve me like the idea of my children growing up without the everyday influence of their grandparents (including a godly great granny),… Continue reading Relo #10: Relo with Kiddos

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Relo #9: Where “for the sake of the gospel” Meets Real Life

As I type, my cyber-friend Tara is probably rushing around her house getting ready for a showing this evening at 5 pm (MST). Tara just got home yesterday from an extended time away. She has three young children and homeschools her oldest. Not only does she need to get her vacation laundry done, restock her… Continue reading Relo #9: Where “for the sake of the gospel” Meets Real Life

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Relo #8: the other side of ordinary

Where yesterday I mentioned how comforting the ordinary rituals of domesticity were in the midst of so much change, today I’m going to write about a different side of the story that happened as time went on. It might go without saying, that this is my personal experience and I don’t want to freak any… Continue reading Relo #8: the other side of ordinary

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Relo #7: Sacred Ordinary

You may have experienced this before. Your world gets turned upside down by something: a crisis, the birth of a baby, a long vacation, etc. And that morning you wake up at home for the first day of “back to normal, or new normal” you find perhaps unexpected solace in the ordinary rituals that make… Continue reading Relo #7: Sacred Ordinary

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Relo #6: Being Not Seeming

Later single years. Early motherhood. Relocating. All of these seasons in my life have one thing in common: learning lessons of being not seeming. It seemed like I was a content single girl…until I graduated from college with no potential for a husband in sight. It seemed like I was unselfishly serving the Lord through… Continue reading Relo #6: Being Not Seeming

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Okay, so after re-reading Izzy’s little assigned poem to memorize, and feeling sufficiently convicted – i took relief in the fact that the first line is wrong: True worth is never in my being anything but in Christ. So that led me to re-think this little rhyme. True worth is in the only Being; Who… Continue reading Rewritten


A Convicting Little Rhyme

Israel is memorizing this little rhyme in his Language Lessons this week. I find it rather convicting. I think I’ll memorize it with him 🙂 . True worth is in being, not seeming; In doing each day that goes by Some little good; not in the dreaming Of great things to do by and by.… Continue reading A Convicting Little Rhyme