It’s that time of year…

If you ever want your blog hits to go up even when you only post once in a blue moon, just post a picture of a cake that looks like a pumpkin.

This is my claim to fame in google. Nothing spiritual, nothing witty, just a cake I made by popping two bundt cakes together (which I had seen online and in magazines a hundred times). Still, I will ride my annual 5 minutes of autumn fame with enthusiasm.

Here are the directions if you want to make your own pumpkin cake this fall.

10 thoughts on “It’s that time of year…

  1. That is the such a creative and festive idea. I love the way it looks so realistic. Thanks for sharing . . .we may have to try it ourselves. ~Karla & daughters

  2. Laurie, wish I had that creative ability!!! =)

    I, too, am sad that you won’t be able to attend the shower! What a long, amazing history between our families.

  3. What a fun cake. It might just show up at a teachers’ breakfast. I mean, you CAN eat cake for breakfast, right???

  4. zoanna, you can ALWAYS eat cake for breakfast.
    Laurie, I love this cake. Funny thing is this.. the post with the most hits on my blog are my silly baseball cupcakes. I think i will have to post them every springtime!

    Love and miss you!!

  5. Since this is our first Fall together, I was unaware of your wonderful pumpkin creation. How beautiful and real looking! Thanks for sharing. i might have to try my hand at making one this year. Or maybe I’ll do one that resembles a carmel apple…you know they are my weakness this time of year.

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