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A Titus 2 Opportunity

This Friday, the Case for Kids parenting class begins at COGC. Who should attend this class? Parents of children in all age groups obviously, but what if your kiddos are older or even grown and out of the house? May I encourage you: Please consider coming!

What a wonderful opportunity for older women to come alongside younger moms to hear the same teaching so that they can be specific in their encouragement and instruction of these younger ladies. I know this is of great benefit to us younger ladies because I have been the recipient of such love and commitment from older women before, namely my mom and my mother in law.

My mom and mother-in-law still read parenting books that are making their way around mommy-groups, and they attend all of the classes, workshops, and seminars for the only purpose of being equipped as Titus 2 mentors for young women in our family and our church.

Please, please, please consider either asking an older women to attend, or if you are older and you weren’t going to come, please come. Even if you know all there is to know about parenting, this is the course the pastors feel will serve our families best in this season, and there are certain principles, concepts, even vocabulary that will be helpful for us to be on the same page about.

Also, if you were going to skip out on the age groups that have nothing to do with your experience (you have toddlers, why go to the teens sessions; or you have teens, why go to the toddler session) please consider attending in order to serve and encourage ladies around you who are in that season.

I would love to hear from any of you who have benefited from this parenting course (it’s the Paul and Tedd Tripp class); or from an older woman investing the time in continued learning with regard to parenting; or you are an older woman who has served younger women by attending classes or reading books.

2 thoughts on “A Titus 2 Opportunity

  1. Laurie, this is a great encouragement to the women! I had thought of skipping the younger (toddler) one, but I will try to go with this thought in mind. I have also been thinking of inviting a friend I know with younger ones. I’ve called once, but now I think I should try to call again. I am really looking forward to it!

    P. S. All I can say about the pumpkin cake is “WOW!”

  2. I was searching for a bundt-pan cake recipe to make my daughter’s 1st b-day cake (the day after Thanksgiving this year). Yours is just beautiful & inspiring! Then I noticed your Titus 2 caption, thought I’d browse as it’s obvious you’re a Christian, only to find you talking about Case for Kids in there! We are leading a C4K small group at church right now! This is our 2nd time leading it, & it is as encouraging & convicting as ever! Good to find you here online! Thanks for all the encouragement!

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