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Playing to the beat of his own tune

Here’s Josh, my quiet guy making lots of noise. And yes…I deserve mother of the year for having a drum set in my living room 🙂 .

9 thoughts on “Playing to the beat of his own tune

  1. We are blessed to live with a host family whose 2 boys play the drums. It’s actually been great training for our 2 year old who has learned to fall asleep to anything 🙂

  2. Great job Josh! Keep committing your gift to the Lord and continue to grow in skillful playing! Great drummers with humble hearts are few! I pray that you and your brothers continue to grow in love, first, for the Lord, and second, worship.

  3. Oh, that is super fun to watch him. I still remember hearing the 4 yr. old Josh drumming to SCC upstairs and thinking, “man, that boy can jam.” It’s in his genes…love the lips pursed…such concentration yet he looks so comfortable at the same time. 🙂 Keep the videos comin’, girl. We won’t get sick of them.

  4. Looks and sounds like a natural. The facial expressions are so Jason’s. How cute.

    I say we celebrate, Laurie, you and I, as drummers’ mothers. Let’s find some QUIET, out of the way place between Ohio and Maryland and catch up, okay?

  5. This is a message from Joyce and her mom:
    I can’t believe it! That drumming was awesome! Joyce wants to know if you can teach her some day!

    P. S. for Maggie: Can you come over some day?

    P. S. from Mom to Laurie: Better in your Living room than mine!

  6. Wow very cool drumming!! He is really gifted. Praise God. And Yes Laurie, you do deserve Mother Of The Year for letting him keep the drum set in the living room.

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