It’s that time of year…

If you ever want your blog hits to go up even when you only post once in a blue moon, just post a picture of a cake that looks like a pumpkin. This is my claim to fame in google. Nothing spiritual, nothing witty, just a cake I made by popping two bundt cakes together… Continue reading It’s that time of year…

women's ministry

A Titus 2 Opportunity

This Friday, the Case for Kids parenting class begins at COGC. Who should attend this class? Parents of children in all age groups obviously, but what if your kiddos are older or even grown and out of the house? May I encourage you: Please consider coming! What a wonderful opportunity for older women to come… Continue reading A Titus 2 Opportunity

kid stuff

Playing to the beat of his own tune

Here’s Josh, my quiet guy making lots of noise. And yes…I deserve mother of the year for having a drum set in my living room 🙂 .