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Never a Dull Moment

Of course, it's his "write" hand!
Of course, it is his "write" hand!

Israel broke his first bone.

When he did it, boy did he moan!

He was riding his bike

Doing stunts and the like

Now his thumb’s in the cast that is shown.


14 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Does anyone know why a broken thumb requires such a massive cast?

    Also, he broke it in/near his growth plate. What does that mean? (unless I don’t really want to know) We have to go back in 2 weeks.

  2. The cliff notes version: move your thumb side to side. See how the thumb moves all the way down to the wrist? It takes a lot more cast to immobilize a thumb fracture because it actually has to be braced against the forearm (unlike the rest of your fingers). Growth plates aren’t my specialty (kind of the other end of the age spectrum!). I do know that fracturing a growth plate can be problematic but if it is set and casted promptly, it doesn’t seem very likely to be a big issue in the long run. The 2 week follow up is good because the doc will be able to x-ray again if he wants to check on the growth plate and re-cast if needed (a lot of times, as the bone heals, the swelling goes down, and the cast gets too big!). Hope that’s helpful.

  3. Leanne, wow, that was really helpful! Thanks for taking time to explain it to me.

    So far the hardest part has been Izzy trying to sleep at night. It is still really uncomfortable for him…not painful at all, just bulky and itchy.

  4. Cute poem. (Did you mean to write ‘shown,’ though?)

    As for the itchiness, on the multiple times I’ve had to comfort my boys (Sarah has only broken one bone–her pinky toe when a 25 pound weight fell on it)
    I used Benadryl at night. Relieves itch and knocks ’em out.

    Growth plates are watched carefully by the ortho. I’m not sure the age at which the plates fuse in the wrist, but that’s what they’re monitoring. They need to fuse in the right position. But I’m thinking Izzy is still on the young side.

  5. Zo, I cracked up when I read “shown” verses my “shone”. Pretty scary that I am solely responsible for my children’s education. 🙂 Yes, it should say “shown”.

  6. I will be praying for his healing and comfort. We have had a few broken bones with our guys. Philip and I were wondering if any of Izzy’s siblings have offered to do his writing assignments for him. 🙂

  7. Oh my…life is never dull! I had to tell you that CB and I were chatting last night about you and Jason. Our friends Keith and Julie who visited you last weekend were telling us all about the happenings at the church and we were tickled to hear how God is using Jason and you! I remember several conversations with the 2 of you years ago that were full of longings and wonderings of what God was going to do and it is so neat to see how God has exceeded all you could have imagined! We continue to pray for you! All our love…Shannon

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