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Low Down on Relo Part 5: Prayer

What I failed to mention in my previous post explaining how God directed us to Ohio, was the vast amounts of prayer that were involved. Not only did Jason and I pray like we had never prayed before as a couple, but the pastors in MD prayed, our parents prayed, Jason’s grandmother prayed, dear friends from Chesapeake prayed, and the people at Covenant of Grace prayed. In about 45 minutes a group of ladies will gather at grace house to pray for the church. We may not know until eternity what kindness these women have done for us through their prayers.


5 thoughts on “Low Down on Relo Part 5: Prayer

  1. Hi Laurie,

    It is amazing that this group of ladies has been so committed to prayer for our church. I can tell you from personal witness that there have been huge changes in everything at our church since they started gathering. I try to remember to thank them regularly and encourage them for their commitment and love to hold all of us up in prayer. Their prayers have moved mountains!

  2. THank you for the reminder of the incredible power or prayer. I have been enjoying reading about your journey to Ohio. 😉 (still wish you were here though)

  3. Laurie,
    Not sure if you remember me, but I’m from Cornerstone in Knoxville. Jason was a friend of mine when he came to UT for, I think, about a year. I think you and I have twins in common, too. I have Nathan: 7 Abigail: 5 Victoria:5 Ian: 4 and MacKinley: 4. I added you to my favorites. I see you know my friend Des (at Ordinary Gal), too. Small world! Its small to God, at least!

  4. Honey, I absolutely remember you! Wow on the double twin deal. I hear you are an amazing mama. If you have a blog, I couldn’t get to it for some reason when I clicked on your name. I still keep up with Suzanne and Christie (but Christie doesn’t write enough 🙂 ) via blogworld.

  5. Hi Laurie!!!!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words to the ladies in the Monday Morning Prayer Group. It is truly a privilege to serve the church in this way. God is so very faithful, isn’t He!!!!!!

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