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Too Funny Not to Share

This is an improv group that does “stunts” across the nation. In this case, they pull off a spontaneous musical about napkins in a California mall. It’s really funny. Unfortunately, the security officer cusses (“what the h*** is going on here?”) at 2:44 so you may not want to have little ears around. Otherwise, it is really clever.


6 thoughts on “Too Funny Not to Share

  1. The swear word is at 2:22 ish, not 2:44. And because you now have a video with a swear word on it, I’m thinking of taking you off of my blogroll.

    I really crack myself up!

    Love ya!

  2. I always knew life was a musical. Can I tell you how many times I would walk places and imagine all of us singing… like Belle in Beauty and the Beast as she is walking through the courtyard.

  3. Too funny!
    Hey, I’m in your old turf now… well sort of, MD that is. Dan starts class in less than two weeks. We are enjoying a little family and relaxing time amidst his summer reading assignments. I know School starts for you guys soon too. Have a great remainder of your summer!

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