Because Beth is Right

Beth is right. I don’t use sponges. I’m a wash cloth kind of gal.

🙂  I will have a new header soon, though.


One thought on “Because Beth is Right

  1. Ha! I’m about to give a little TMI here, but for a bout a week out of the month I’m especially blabbermouth-y. As much I loved the look of something new, I couldn’t see you having a pile of brightly colored sponges as your header! You had me waiting too long on Facebook staring at the character doing her laundry 🙂 I realize that you clean and cook, but come on mamma! You are a teacher, a wife, an amazing friend, a mom, an awesome baker, and a beautiful and a classy chic who loves Jesus. A pile of sponges wasn’t cutting it for me. Sorry 🙂

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