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Free Running: Should I Be Concerned?

It was a sunny afternoon. My house was strangely quiet as the boys decided to play outside for a while. They are outside all of the time, but usually I hear the sounds that assure me all is well. There is the open/close of the back door for drinks. There is the thud of the tennis ball hitting the house during home run derby. There is garage door opening for bike access. And, unfortunately there is the inevitable “thrill of victory and agony of defeat” noises.

So, I was in the house getting a few things done when I realized there were no familiar noises for a while. I nervously went out to check on them. They were running as fast as they could over various obstacles. A bike. a bat. The deck steps. It looked really funny…and really crazy. Like they had too much red Kool aid or something.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Free running,” they answered.

Yes, this is a new craze among the Reyes boys. If you don’t know about it, take a look. This is amazing and crazy. and Yes, I am concerned. Why can’t they get obsessed with chess? or reading? or maybe tennis? good grief!

This is a video of a couple of brothers who inspired them:


9 thoughts on “Free Running: Should I Be Concerned?

  1. ummmm… holy poop! I hope that Tommy doesn’t see this video! I can just imagine him involving malachy in this sport. yikes. 🙂

  2. The video makes me wonder if it’s part of a viral marketing campaign…but I have no time to research to see if it is. I know that Nike had recently released one with Kobe Bryant jumping over a car, made to look like an at home video with no Nike symbols, and posted it on YouTube….so maybe…

  3. Ha ha! My siblings and I came up with this kind of stuff without the help of YouTube! I think it’s just part of being kids. Well, now that I think of it, I remember being inspired by Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare.” Does anyone remember that show? We’d set up obstacles and have green slime (a.k.a. grass clippings in water in a bucket) ready to douse each other. Ahhhh . . . the days of being a kid in the summer! Much more fun than being an adult!

  4. Boys will be boys!! I have seen the amazing protection from the hand of God over some of my boys stunts. I don’t think that they got their ideas from you tube either. They are very creative (I am not thinking that is the right word). Hence, I pray a lot. I am looking forward to seeing what a female Hoffman child is like.

  5. Wow!!!!I did some pretty dangerous stuff when I was a kid too. One of them was jumping trains barefoot. Don’t tell my younger children or they might use it against me when I’m scolding for not being careful.Well, at least they’re not just sitting around eating twinkies and watching TV all day!

    Let’s keep praying like Diana said and keep trying to keep a balance of fun and wisdom (I am sounding like Pat!).

  6. i can remember some of the dangerous things that i participated in as a kid.. in fact one such event ended with Shannon Young (i am not sure of her married name) getting stitches.. yikes 😉

    Kids need to be kids.. and stitches, well, they are just stitches. Sigh.. patient first knows me by name now.

  7. Planning for some knee replacements? Esp. if they take after their Papi. 😦 We’ll pray not. 🙂
    I only wish my boys were so “risky/brave”; they screamed their bloody heads off riding the flume today at an amusement park we took them to for their birthday. Wild and crazy stunts, though shortening your lifespan, are hopefully an indicator that they’ll one day be men who take more worthwhile risks (like you and Jason are doing by being in Ohio). 🙂

    love ya, friend..miss you much

  8. Two words popped into my head: Emergency Room.

    Yikes. These guys are serious gymnasts with mutant genes from Spider-Man.

    Let the boys run and run–but perhaps insist on helmets, pads, and goggles, jock straps, shinguards, mouthpieces, and………

    Oh, what am I saying?! That takes away half the fun right there!

  9. Yikes–I can just see it now! If this little boy that’s on his way is anything like his daddy…Natalia is a trip already so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    Laughing at Danielle’s comment about Double Dare! So we weren’t the only ones that used that show for “inspiration”.

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