Vacation Photos 2


10 thoughts on “Vacation Photos 2

  1. All of you are precious children of God, especially the cute young ones!!!

    Even the ones with Campbell blood in them…

    Keep on having fun!

    : )~


  2. Laurie, you are a magnificent photographer! You really have an eye for what looks good! Miss you guys, hope you are having fun.

  3. Good photographs, enjoy with family.
    अरे वाह मज़े हो रहे हैं।

  4. I had a good time with Betsey one night while you guys were gone! She was a fun addition to our Ladies Growth Group 🙂

    So good to see you guys today and glad you had fun on vacation!

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos. So glad that our gracious God has blessed you with a precious time with your family. What a gift to have your loved ones know and love our LORD like you ‘all do! Love the idea of a talent show.

    Church life is not the same without you :(. Hope to see you soon.

    praying for you,

  6. great photos. wish we were with you but we’re enjoying our new house instead 🙂

    we have internet access again finally so I got to get caught up on your blog. Glad you’re posting some stuff while you’re gone. I’m missing my stalker 🙂

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