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Quotable Kiddos: Bring It On, Bobby Flay

The only way my boys would ever watch a cooking show is if there is some sort of competition involved. Throw Down With Bobby Flay is one we have seen a few times. In case you aren’t familiar, the premise is that Bobby Flay, a famous chef, surprises a local cook to their specialty (Philly… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos: Bring It On, Bobby Flay


Dave Harvey on Family Life Today

For the next three days Dave Harvey is going to be the guest on Family Life Today. You can listen online right here. I’m sure he will be covering material from his outstanding (what I’ve read so far) marriage book, When Sinners Say I Do. In this easy to read book, Dave is not only… Continue reading Dave Harvey on Family Life Today

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Ideas for Summer

I would love to hear some ideas about things to do during the summer when school doesn’t take up a bulk of our day. Too much free time combined with bored kids is a disaster waiting to happen. I would love to be proactive and plan things for the kids to do. My children are… Continue reading Ideas for Summer

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C.J. andCarolyn On Parenting

Here is a helpful audio clip of C.J. and Carolyn Mahaney answering the question, “What does gospel centered parenting look like for a two year old child?” Sometimes we can get paralyzed by how in the world to make the gospel relevant to little ones. Here is excellent counsel about the role of obedience-training and… Continue reading C.J. andCarolyn On Parenting


The Great Escape

My mom tells a funny story about my sister when she was little. Karyn, prone to drama, was frustrated after being corrected by my mom and decided to run away. She headed out of the house on her tricycle with only the bare necessities…her baby sister (me, standing on the back), and my diapers. She… Continue reading The Great Escape


Merciful Mom

“Grace is especially associated with men in their sins; mercy is especially associated with men in their misery. In other words, while grace looks down upon sin as a whole, mercy looks especially upon the miserable consequences of sin. So that mercy really means a sense of pity plus a desire to relieve the suffering.… Continue reading Merciful Mom


Fun Times on Vacation

We are having a fabulous time here in NC. It has been rainy until today, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying each other’s company. *by the way, the photos are so much easier to upload on WordPress now. I am very happy with this gallery feature. Woo Hoo! I knew if I hung in… Continue reading Fun Times on Vacation


Don’t Know When I’ll be Back Again…

We are headed to the beach this week. If we have internet access I will try to post some pictures. We are so excited about spending time with our family at Nag’s Head. Woo Hoo!!!


Prayer Request: Ashes to Beauty

Diana, of Praise His Name With Dancing, did mention her request in the comment section for the upcoming event, Ashes to Beauty, but I wanted to put the request in a more public place so as many who read will consider praying. Here is what Diana said in an email: A number of you have… Continue reading Prayer Request: Ashes to Beauty