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Just Asking: Children’s Devotional Reading

I received an email the other day requesting ideas for devotionals to use with children. Currently our children’s church program has a feature called “get into the story” where we use a guide based on what the kids did in Sunday school. It has a daily devotional we read each day with the kids. The curriculum is called God’s Story and we are so grateful to God for this God-centered, gospel centered curriculum. A huge thanks to Marty Machowski for writing it. It has been a wonderful means of grace to our family.

We have enjoyed a variety of resources for our children’s spiritual growth and development over the years. Some of our all time favorites are:

The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones

The Gospel for Children by John B. Leuzarder

All of the Seeds Scripture Memory music

As the boys have grown older, we have them read their Bibles and periodically they use a journal and write one sentence about what they learned about man and one sentence about what they learned about God. It was a suggestion we originally read about here.

What about you ladies? What are some of your favorite resources for devotions with the children? Please leave comments or write about it on your blog and let us know when you do!


5 thoughts on “Just Asking: Children’s Devotional Reading

  1. I was reading a girls’ devotion called “God and Me” for the 2-6 yr range w/ my daughter. She didn’t seem particularly interested in it. We do read a book called “My ABC Bible Verses, Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts” by Susan Hunt. My daugher really enjoys that at bedtime. She learns the verses and applies them to life. The stories that accompany the verse are appropriate and interesting to a 5 yr old. Susan Hunt has another kids’ book out (I forget the title), and we read that occasionally along with The Big Picture Bible for kids.

  2. Paul had a really hard time “getting into the story” with Joel. A bit too much Sovereign Grace-ese for a kindergartener. We’re gonna give it another shot, but I just appreciate THAT Paul does something with him.

    We’ve also used Josh McDowell’s Kid Devotions 1 and 2 and Little Visits with God, which I grew up on.

  3. Our children’s program on Wednesday nights is a club called “Patch the Pirate” through Majesty Music – these little books are THE BEST devotional books with a lesson for every day with fill in the blanks. Even if you aren’t participating in the program, I highly recommend the devotional books. If you get the teacher guide, it does have a good weekly story in it (not a Bible story, but a life application story) that is continued each week.

    I’m a Believer!

  4. honestly.. still struggling to get a routine with the kiddos. we do night time prayers and talk about Jesus and what God has done for us.
    I am also trying to be more conversational with Tommy about what Christianity really is. Since he is 11 now I want to treat him as more of an “adultesque” kiddo. It is cool to see what his thoughts are on what Christ has done for him.
    That being said, I do want to have something more concrete for the kids. One of my mothers day gifts was Preparing Him for the Other Woman: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family by Sheri Rose Shepherd , I know that God will use this gift to help our family with more concrete devotions etc.

    On a cute note, Malachy has become the “God Police” in our family. For example, if we forget to say grace Malachy pipes up and says “WE FORGOT TO SAY GRACE!!!”

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