The Bucket and the Fountain*

This poem was inspired by a teaching called The Supremacy of God in Prayer * by John Piper.  Well, here it goes:

The Bucket and the Fountain

A foolish lady labored gravely
struggling up a mountain,
With a bucket full of dirty water
to pour into a Fountain.
This Fountain gushed with grace
and mercy for the ones below;
She thought her bucket of effort
could contribute to its flow.
Exhausted by the staggering weight
of “do better and try harder,”
She thought she heard the Fountain say,
“Listen to me, my daughter.
If you truly want to honor Me
and show the world My glory,
Then empty your bucket of everything
whenever you come before Me.
Don’t come with two ounces of goodness,
Don’t come with a cupful of deeds,
Don’t come with a gallon of effort
To pay off your balance of needs.
Instead take the empty bucket,
And stand in the Fountain of grace.
I will cleanse you; I will fill you
And I will receive honor, glory, and praise.”
She dumped upon the dirt worn path
The murky works and deeds.
She jumped into the fountain;
She was washed, and filled, and free!
A much more poignant way of saying this is:
Nothing in my hands I bring
Simply to Thy cross I cling
Naked come to Thee for dress
Helpless look to Thee for grace
To Thy fountain, Lord I fly
Wash me Savior, or I die.
*originally posted April, 2005

6 thoughts on “The Bucket and the Fountain*

  1. That is so beautiful, Laurie! You are such a gifted writer!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you soon in Chatham!!

  2. oh wow! please tell me your 10 year olds are twins! even if they’re not, i understand. mine are the same age for 3 weeks every year LOL=)

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