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One Lost Boy Now Found

On Monday my boys were playing in our backyard with a few of the neighborhood boys. Caleb (a.k.a. mouth) asked them if they were Christians. One boy said he wasn’t sure so Caleb shared the gospel with him. The little group (Joshua, Caleb, Izzy, 2 buddies who knew the gospel, and that one little guy who didn’t) sat in a circle in my back yard and prayed. Each Christian boy took turns praying for their friend who wasn’t sure. Then the little boy prayed to receive Jesus as his savior. He wasn’t sure if it worked, so the boys asked my husband (who was outside spreading mulch) to pray with him. Jason explained the gospel and asked him if he believed it. He said yes. Jason assured him that if he confessed with his mouth and believed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, he was saved.

I can hardly type for the emotion I’m experiencing. As my friend Briana said the other day when I told her: how amazing that our first Ohio convert was a child! Please pray for this precious seed of faith sown in this little boy’s heart. The boys have noticed a change in him already. They said that when he does something good in a football game he points to God and says, “it’s for Him”. So cute.

I am in awe at how God used my boys! How aware I am that this has nothing to do with good parenting…it is the miraculous grace of God at work in my boys, helping them to live for the gospel. How kind to show me and them that though it is so hard to be away from our family and friends in MD, there are people here who need the gospel – and that is why we are here. The kids are not just along for the ride, they are part of the ministry. Amazing God!!

We are trying to get him to come to church. We haven’t met his parents yet. Please continue to pray for us and our ministry to the neighborhood children and their parents.

One lost boy, we believe has been found.


11 thoughts on “One Lost Boy Now Found

  1. tears again as I read. Love it…love that God chose to bless your family and this little boy in such a profound way. I miss you like crazy, but thank you for being there and for reminding us what/Who is truly worth any sacrifice we could ever make.

  2. Thanks again for sharing this. It is such an encouragement to see God work through your little ones. I miss you too, but you are all doing God’s will in Ohio.

  3. Laurie,
    These are certainly some of the sweetest treasures we can ever experience as parents…seeing our children share their faith with a friend. Being in ministry, we have sometimes a more limited social network and are oftentimes surrounded almost exclusively by believers. But God is always faithful to give us small ways to make an impact or give us open doors into new spheres of influence. Thanks for sharing this about your boys. And no I don’t think you’re bragging! Every christian mother or father needs to hear stories like this to increase their faith in God’s promise to bring about righteous fruit in the children within their charge.

  4. Praise the Lord! Oh, it’s so good to hear this news, Laurie. What a thrill for your young evangelists. The Mouth has spoken, and ears have heard, and a new life has begun!

  5. “It’s for Him”…that’s so cute! Made me laugh.

    So excited for your family and your boys friend.
    It’s so cool that they got to witness a conversion. It’s a faith builder for sure.

  6. Laurie,
    This is truly encouraging, and good to hear how the Lord has answered prayers! This is a blessing and God’s grace not only to you, but to those praying for you, for those who released you to the work that God has called you to here. Thank you!

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