One Mom’s Marathon

One Mom’s Marathon

A meditation on Hebrews 12:1-3

She pours her coffee bleary-eyed

Foggy minded

Sleep deprived

Scraggly hair in pony tail

Stained pink bathrobe

Smelling stale

She makes her way to the green chair

Pulls out God’s Word

And meets Him there

At first her mind will not be still

The library books

The grocery bill

But right there in that common place

She reads and finds

She’s in a race

And though she sits there in her home

She discovers

She’s not alone

A cloud of witnesses looks from heaven

The faithful ones

From chapter eleven

She hears their voices, sees their faith

Continues reading

About the race

Throw off every weight or sin

That slows you down

Run to win

The weights and sins flash through her mind

Her unbridled tongue

Her use of time

Oh sweet relief to read the phrase,

Look to the founder

Of your faith

Jesus with joy endured the cross

Despised the shame

Suffered for us

He sits now at the right hand

Of the Father

In full command

She sits now and considers Him

Who endured hostility

From sinful men

She sets bare foot to this day’s race

She fixes her eyes on

The throne of grace

She pours the milk with Olympic finesse

Hears a spill

Sees the mess

The great crowd she also sees,

Hears the cheers

Drops to her knees

To clean the milk, not to pray

Like she cleans it

Many days

And while she serves in obscurity

Buttering toast,

Teaching History

She runs slow and steady by the One

And her heart

Hears His, “well done”.



13 thoughts on “One Mom’s Marathon

  1. I’m choked up… I LOVE your poetry, Laurie, even more the heart that God is so amazingly refining! I LOVE the way you take God’s Word and draw such practical lessons from it, and I love how you make God’s Word your own and then allow the rest of us to learn from it and be encouraged, too. thanks for sharing the wealth of good gifts God’s deposited in you with the rest of us! 🙂 love you, friend

  2. I was choked up, too. What a great poem. Makes mine even more laughable 🙂 Ha ha. Anyway, I loved it. Such a great reminder and encouragement. Miss you!

  3. sweetie this is so very touching and real! Thank you for sharing this intimate look into your heart. By doing so you are encouraging many a mom, such as myself, who don’t always see ourselves as being a part of ministry. Thank you for this reminder that I serve our Lord and am running that great race by serving my family.!
    Btw this passage always reminds me of the CDS and Mike and Judy Phillips. I love it!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, gang. It was really helpful to slow down my meditation on His word and think through it as a poem.

    I miss you bloggin’ crew from MD!

  5. What a God-centered poem for us stay-at-home moms and the single gals who desire to be one!

    Thanks for using your gift of creative writing to inspire us. I am so grateful for the way our faithful Savior speaks to us right where we live. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who feels like the race is a slow one but steady.

    If I don’t learn how to clean up the spill in a gracious way today . . . there will always be tomorrow!

    I often think of Jesus washing the disciples dirty feet when I wash my little ones feet. We really are honored to be able to serve in the ways that we do. How I need to be reminded.

    I appreciate the way God’s Word has reminded you and the heart you have to share it with us.

  6. Laurie,
    I had no idea you were a gifted writer. I was so blessed by the honesty and clarity of thought expressed. How it points us to the Audience of One for whom we should do everything (but most often forget when we’re in the middle of the mess we’re cleaning up). Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Laurie, this was beautiful–how you wove Scripture into our daily lives and met us right where we all are was so moving and encouraging. It was perfect timing for me and I have a great vision today of both how I’m surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, but I also don’t have to perfect my faith on my own. So great be pointed back to our Savior in the mundane of life. Thanks for posting this!

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