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The Boys’ First Cavs Game

God blessed the guys in our family with four tickets to the Cleveland Cavs game. My boys were so excited to see their first ever pro-basketball game. Their enthusiasm was only topped by their daddy’s. They had amazing seats. Not only amazing because they were row 8 seat #1, 2, 3, and 4, but also because seated in seats 5 and 6 were (and this is just so incredibly the sovereignty of God) a couple who live in our neighborhood. What are the chances of Jason going to Cleveland (45 minutes away) and sitting of all places in seats right next to a couple not only from Wadsworth, but literally from down the street. The couple was very friendly, know everyone in the neighborhood, and the husband even invited Jason to hang with a few of his friends for the opening game of March madness. Isn’t God good?!



6 thoughts on “The Boys’ First Cavs Game

  1. WOW!! That is very cool. How awesome that God not only provided this opportunity for you and Jason, but for your boys to see God’s Sovereignty arranging for your neighbors to sit right beside them, to open doors for the Gospel to go out, etc. GOd reinforcing what you and Jason are trying to impart to them, probably more powerfully in one event like this than all the things you’ve said to them. I love how and that God is so faithful to our children.

    Love the close-ups of the kids, but not too sure I like seeing the Cleveland shirts on them quite yet. That stings a little, but I understand. 😦 When in Rome…
    You really are jumping in, even embracing the local teams.

  2. I must clarify something. Jason has some kind of rules about which Ohio teams they are “allowed” to cheer for. Because MD doesn’t have a pro-basketball team, the boys are “allowed” to be Cavaliers fans. Otherwise, he will work hard to keep them loyal to the MD teams…Go Ravens!

  3. Laurie, in reference to your comment on my blog:

    You would definitely be an “apple girl.” Josh used to be a PC guy, but has since converted. Maybe there’s hope for Jason too! 🙂 He does still like Excel on a PC better than a MAC, but he uses that at work and rarely uses Excel at home except for the budget, so not a big deal.

  4. I was especially excited to read this because as we were driving home from the meeting where Jason expressed a desire for all of them to go to a Cav’s game, David said, “Let’s pray that God provides that for them.” So we did right then. Our awesome, Abba Father is even generous in providing for our lesiure time and uses it for His glory. Praise Him for prompting his people to pray and then answering those prayers!

  5. Diane, thank you (and Dave) for praying for tickets. What a wonderful expression of care from you guys as well as our generous Father.

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