quotable kiddos

Quotable Kiddos

Israel said: Mom, our Sunday School teacher Mr. Turner, says apostles different from us. He calls them epistles.

9 thoughts on “Quotable Kiddos

  1. Funneeee! I remember thinking the same thing when I was his age. The first time I heard our new Southern Babtust preacher say “epistles” instead of “apostles” I thought he’d never had phonics lessons. Didn’t know if I could trust him to handle the Word rightly. Just kidding.

  2. I stumbled onto this website somehow. I believe I was looking for hermit crab care and ended up finding “quotable kiddos”.

    I have never been to a sunday school so I had to Google “epistle” and “apostle” to understand this one.

    Hilarious For Sure.

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