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Case of the Missing Post

A couple of weeks ago I re-posted an article about humility and housework. After I posted it, I received a comment that started me thinking that perhaps in my attempt to be specific regarding examples from my own life, I may have inadvertently placed a stumbling block to those who would read it. I decided… Continue reading Case of the Missing Post

Akron Adventure

Ohio Update

Donna asked for an update on how things are going here in Ohio. I thought I’d share two types of grace we are experiencing: the grace that is obvious and the grace that is uncomfortable, but grace none the less. Obvious Evidences of Grace: 1. We are really loving the area. Some places I love… Continue reading Ohio Update


Latest Cakes

  This is Jason’s cake. His birthday was Saturday, the Ides of March. It is supposed to be the COG cross (I thought appropriate for this first birthday in Ohio) . When I asked him what he thought it was he said, ” X marks the spot?”. Can’t blame him, it wasn’t exactly obvious. This… Continue reading Latest Cakes

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Drill Time

When we first began homeschooling I discovered that if I put information on a flash card of sorts, the kids memorized the information better. This was true for math facts, obviously, but also for vocabulary work, some history and science information, and most recently, forms of the verb “be” along with the helping verb list.… Continue reading Drill Time


Happy Homeschooling

It’s that time of year when homeschooling starts limping it’s way towards the end of the year. This is not good because we have a long year ahead of us due to our relocation. (We will be schooling through July at this rate…don’t tell my kiddos 🙂 ). I am trying to add a little… Continue reading Happy Homeschooling

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The Boys’ First Cavs Game

God blessed the guys in our family with four tickets to the Cleveland Cavs game. My boys were so excited to see their first ever pro-basketball game. Their enthusiasm was only topped by their daddy’s. They had amazing seats. Not only amazing because they were row 8 seat #1, 2, 3, and 4, but also… Continue reading The Boys’ First Cavs Game