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Fun With Picasa



9 thoughts on “Fun With Picasa

  1. Just makes me smile to see their faces…you’ve got some good lookin’ kids, as if I needed to tell you that, right?! 🙂

  2. Aww cute! We miss you guys. Blogging is such a gift… to still “see” you guys though you’re miles away.

  3. What are you trying to do to us, bless us or torture us? Their faces make us miss you all the more. :)-

    I like Picasa. Pretty user-friendly ,and that’s saying a lot considering the source!

  4. Anne, thanks. Speaking of adorable, if it was in any way possible, I would jump into your photo and squeeze that sweet baby of yours’ cheeks. Oooh…tooo cute!!

    Karen, thanks for the picasa inspiration, my collage crazy friend.

  5. oh these are great. Your kiddos are adorable it is fun to see pics of them. You did a great job on taking the pics and having fun in picassa

  6. Bethany, thanks. You are very sweet to encourage me. I have no idea what I am doing, so anything coming out cute is pure luck – and cute kids. I really wish you could take some pictures of them before they are full fledged into the awkward phase. Maybe you can do a little mini series on your blog (maybe you have and I am too fried to remember) on taking good shots of your kids. I want them to look like themselves, not posed or contrived.

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