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Mini Cakes

I bought Maggie a Tiny Treats “cook book” for Christmas and we finally made one of the recipes. These are supposed to resemble cakes the perfect size for an American Girl doll.  Basically you take two oreo-type cookies and glue them together with butter cream icing. then ice the cookie cake, smooth it, and decorate with sprinkles. Maggie was really able to ice and decorate these herself. If you leave the cookie cakes over night, the cookies will soften and taste more cakey. We couldn’t wait that long and enjoyed them crunchy (warning to moms…these are verrrrrry sweet!) . Maggs brought them to her friends’ house and the girls loved them.

maggie-mini-cake.jpg family-photos-452.jpg


13 thoughts on “Mini Cakes

  1. What a cool idea! (Love the pink. THat’s Lanie’s favorite color.) Another fun and kid friendly baking adventure is to pour cake batter in the ice cream cake cones (the flat ones). Bake like cupcakes. They’re a good size for little hands to frost and then decorate w/ sprinkles, candy, etc. A little messy but the kids love it. Oh and to keep the cones upright when the kids decorated them, I put them in cups, with the tops sticking out. Otherwise they tipped over.

  2. Oh…I shouldn’t have read this before working out. Now, I’m going to be crying the whole way to the Y. Mags looks so beautiful w/ her haircut. I love the bangs! But, too grown up…STOP. The thought of her taking those little treats to her girlfriends that she made herself is just too sweet…you are training her so well in femininity. Hope I do as good a job w/ Bella.
    Miss you fiercely!

  3. Maggie looks so old…How did this happen? You have not been gone that long…have you? WOW It is amazing how quickly they change. It was a good thing you were sitting down yesterday when your mom told you I knitted her a scarf…LOL Actually I am cheating some…I am using a Knifty Knitter thing. It is fun and the finished product is really nice PLUS it is so easy. Have fun with your mom…I did.
    Love ya

  4. Maggie does look so big in this picture. It was her idea to cut bangs. It’s cute. We did her hair like “Samantha” that day.

    I miss you guys! I’m so glad to keep little tabs on your lives through e mail or blogs.

  5. Wow, she looks just like Samantha, now that you mentioned it! Maggie is the perfect age to be a model for my book I’m illustrating. Too bad she’s not still around. I’m going to have to think of someone else to photograph . . . 😦

  6. Maggie you did a great job on your cakes and I am not surprised that your friends loved them. You are going to be a good baker like your mommy! Good job to you Laurie for modeling! Abuela misses you all soooooo much!

  7. Adorable little cakes and baker, too. Tell Maggs they’re Magg-nificent ! She will be graduating high school before you turn around. So don’t turn around.

  8. those are adorable. I can’t get over how beautiful all of your kids.. not surprised though 🙂
    I can’t wait until Molly-Ann is big enough to do treats like that with her! 🙂

    Happy valentine’s day! btw love the music on the site

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