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He Said, She Said: The Gospel and Cheerios

I am trying something new. I have been wanting to add a feature on the blog that takes the Sunday Sermon (He said) and think through one application that is unique to women (she said). I want to do it for my own benefit primarily, but I obviously hope it will bless you ladies as… Continue reading He Said, She Said: The Gospel and Cheerios


The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat*

It happens all day, everyday. Who would have thought “first one to the car” could become a competitive sport? (or a contact sport for that matter). With three boys all about the same age, competition is a way of life in this house. I’m not just talking about soccer, football, wrestling, and wiffle ball –… Continue reading The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat*

Spiritual Musings

The Smell of Grace

I was listening to a teaching while making dinner the other day when one comment from the pastor caught my attention. He said he used to take his old Bible from highschool (he’s now in his fifties) down off of the bookshelf and just smell it to remind himself of grace. The Holy Spirit quickened… Continue reading The Smell of Grace

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Survivor: Hermit Crab Edition*

*I am going to re-post some of my earlier articles for my new friends at COG to read. Welcome to you, new gals! I apologize to those of you who are well acquainted with my hermit crab saga. This was originally written in 2005, but still represents a little slice of life for me. It… Continue reading Survivor: Hermit Crab Edition*

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Where You Go, I Will Go

Warning: shameless gush-fest ahead. My husband made a very gutsy decision this year. He decided to take the risk of leading his family away from our extended relatives, beloved church, and all things familiar in the state of Maryland to serve in a church in Akron, Ohio as their senior pastor. Brave man. It’s not… Continue reading Where You Go, I Will Go