Just Wanted to Say…

Danielle, I loved your recent article on prayer. I especially liked your connection between humble desperation and fervent prayer. So true, friend.

Zoanna, I am glad things went well for you with the surgery. Never figured the rhyme out, so I hope it wasn’t too painful? Glad that your humor/wit is still in tact. You crack me up.

Beth, I think of you when I visit my Wal Mart Super center (which is weekly), and  feel myself getting uglier. 🙂

Libby, yikes about the shaggy shower guy.

Okay, gotta go. Just want to say how grateful I am to keep in touch via cyberspace. Keep on blogging. I miss you gals!!!


8 thoughts on “Just Wanted to Say…

  1. Karen, do I have to get a myspace account to get into your blog?

    Miss you too, Beth. Put pictures on your blog. Recent ones. I never got to see your hair.

  2. Miss you too! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement about my article. I definitely have learned much from your writing and talks.

    I double checked the recipe to make sure I posted all the ingredients right, and it looks fine. It is a dense cake. It’s not light and fluffy but almost more like a cakey (sp?) brownie with sauce underneath.

  3. i am not sure about with myspace, but i have a wordpress blog that i started. i figure i will blog here, and keep my myspace to keep in touch with my other friends. ( i noticed that the link wasn’t working with my other comments … grrr)

  4. Not too much pain; God is healing me quickly and I feel stronger every day. I’m just glad I don’t have toddlers needing to climb in my lap or fetch everything they need.

    Humorus is still intact. Ditto the femur.

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