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Caleb: Ninja Warrior

Recently the boys enjoyed a cable tv show called Ninja Warrior. I watched with the same concern as when we are watching Survivor Man. Things randomly pop out of my mouth while we watch Survivor Man like, “do not try to remove the shell from any turtle you find in the yard.” “Do not eat any leaves, bugs, grass, or berries”. So as I’m watching Ninja Warrior I can practically read their little manly minds as they think I could do that.

So it came as absolutely no surprise to find the Reyes version of Ninja Warrior right in my mom’s backyard. Here is Caleb navigating the course.

*Note to all grandparents: No little boys were harmed (beyond scratches and bruises) during the playing of Ninja Warrior.


5 thoughts on “Caleb: Ninja Warrior

  1. Wanted to say hi to you in church, but when I had a chance you were deep in conversation with two other ladies. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to say hi. I talked to Maggie and discovered the color of her room is “celery”. How cute is that! Not green but celery! 🙂

  2. This is hilarious. Little boys. I guess I have even more to look forward too.

    PS thank you for your sweet comment. I would love to photograph your kiddos someday. I do have a cousin that lives in Ohio…not sure if it is close to you or not. HEE HEE

  3. oh my goodness! I could see Tommy (with Malachy tagging along) joining in the fun. yes, alas, my children are adventure babies as well. Honestly it looks like a fun time.


  4. This is hysterical. We have watched this show as well and the kids especially like hearing the translation from Japanese or Chinese (?) to English. Stephen is far to timid to try this at home but Abbie just may….

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