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I’m a Weirdo…

and I’ll prove it to you. Fishmama tagged me to write seven weird things about me. 1. I love fuzzy baby heads. I can’t keep my hands off of them.  I think my kids had bald patches from where I had rubbed their heads. And one time I unthinkingly rubbed one of my friends’ kids… Continue reading I’m a Weirdo…


Happy Birthday, Granny!

The Reyes’ have this thing with birthdays. Parent/child birthdays must coincide or be very close. Emily and Asher share a birthday. Chris and Iris are a day apart. Tom and my twins are 2 days apart. And Debbie and Granny are back to back. Once again, I have a perfect opportunity to honor and say… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Granny!


Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Today is my mother-in-law Debbie’s birthday providing a perfect opportunity to honor her. I could honor Debbie for the model she is of balancing career and domesticity. Debbie is able to use her gifts of teaching and music in a public classroom setting, while keeping her husband, family, church, and home a priority. I could… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Spiritual Musings

With Unveiled Face

It’s morbid, and perhaps a bit shocking, but thinking about my guilt and failure actually comes a lot easier than dwelling on the glories of Christ. I sometimes think I am hardwired to fixate on ME. Even my heart-probing, sin-detecting, motive-examining thoughts can turn into morbid introspection or expressions of self-centeredness. Funny thing is, no… Continue reading With Unveiled Face

Spiritual Musings

Failed A Pop Quiz Lately?

Yesterday I mentioned that sometimes it seems easier to pass the big tests of faith than the little pop quizzes that come with everyday life. Ideally, we can humbly identify our need for God’s help right in that moment and experience sweet victory. Briana mentioned in the comment box how by God’s grace, she did… Continue reading Failed A Pop Quiz Lately?

Akron Adventure · Spiritual Musings

Divine Power For Rush Hour

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever passed a significant test of faith only to fail a rather small one? Like follow your husband to move to Ohio but whine and complain on the car ride there about being stuck in Frederick’s rush hour. Truth is there aren’t nearly as many big “tests”… Continue reading Divine Power For Rush Hour


Story of Stuff

If you haven’t watched it yet, the video called “the Story of Stuff”  is really thought provoking.  To see it, click here. It is about twenty minutes long, so you may want to do it while the kids nap or sleep.  Trust me it is very easy and interesting to watch. It isn’t Christian, but… Continue reading Story of Stuff