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Come, Let Us Adore Him

I keep thinking about this reading from Morning and Evening from December 16th. It is one of my favorites from Spurgeon’s devotional. The cry of the Christian religion is the gentle word, “Come.” The Jewish law harshly said, “Go, take heed unto thy steps as to the path in which thou shalt walk. Break the… Continue reading Come, Let Us Adore Him


My Only Christmas Decoration…almost

Here’s our tree. It is the main decoration this year. I do have a couple of beautiful poinsettias thanks to a lady named Donna from church and Jane who bought one for us on behalf of the church. My nativity is starkly standing on our fireplace mantel, and then there is the gingerbread house. That’s… Continue reading My Only Christmas Decoration…almost


Maggie’s Covenant of Grace Debut

Here are a couple of pictures of Maggie singing Hark, The Herald Angels Sing. We worked hard on verse one, but Mommy didn’t realize she was going to sing both verses. She faked it like a pro if I don’t say so myself. Also, I took a picture of our latest driving conditions as we… Continue reading Maggie’s Covenant of Grace Debut

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Quotable Kiddos

Quotable #1  I was reading through a little notebook Caleb uses on occasion as a journal. One page had the following entry: My Wish list – 1. An island That’s it. Just an island. Maybe for Christmas?! Quotable #2  After Izzy took his shower the other night we had the following conversation: Israel: I’m sorry… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos

Akron Adventure

Navigating the New Normal: enjoying novelty

It has happened before. Going to college. First real job. Marriage. Motherhood. Adding babies. They are all seasons where I had to learn to navigate my new normal. Each new normal presented unique blessings and challenges. One blessing that is lost all to soon is the excitement of novelty. Some novelties that I wish I… Continue reading Navigating the New Normal: enjoying novelty

Akron Adventure

Things I’ve Learned About Ohio Already

1. Drivers are way more laid back which is driving my husband crazy, but I am loving it! 2. In Wadsworth, the trash collection is rather different. They collect only on Monday at 4 a m. Yes. Really loud garbage trucks really early in the morning. We have to use 2 (and only 2) special… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Ohio Already