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Linky Loo: The Blazing Center


Most of us know that Mark Altrogge is an amazing song writer, but you may not know that he writes a great blog as well. Mark and his son Stephen co-write The Blazing Center.  Right now I am really enjoying his series on “Waiting”. You can find the series (what has been written so far) here. You may want to begin with the first post, I Thought My Bladder Might Explode. Mark uses this real-life story as a metaphor for waiting. It applies so well to my situation with first, waiting for our house to sell, and now, waiting to see if the house we’d like to buy works out. Like a bladder being full, it is a normal operation of life (not a serious illness or disease; not like losing a job or loved one, etc.) – it’s just buying and selling a home. But it is amazing how when something mildly uncomfortable continues  for a long period of time, with no relief in sight, the feeling is quite miserable.  I am grateful for how God used Mark Altrogge’s posts on waiting to redirect my heart to seek satisfaction and contentment in Christ alone – not in a material object, change of circumstances, or life going according to my plan.


3 thoughts on “Linky Loo: The Blazing Center

  1. What an appropriate picture and title. Very clever. I have it up on one of my browsers, but have not yet had a chance to read it today..will get to it eventually. Until then, I’ll wait. 🙂

  2. Stephen,
    I love the pictures you posted of your beautiful baby.

    i discovered your blog when Tim Challies mentioned it in his du jour section. I just started reading it this week, but look forward to hearing from both Altrogges. 🙂

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