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Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive

While I know that through our move to Akron my children are learning valuable, even once-in-a-lifetime lessons that couldn’t possibly come contained in a textbook or curriculum, I do want to keep the academic home school alive even if we have to hurdle fourteen boxes to get to our books (can that count as gym?). Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to do this effectively? I’d love to hear your 2 cents!

3 thoughts on “Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive

  1. This is probably going to sound lame. But last year when Cana was born, I knew school would be kinda crazy. So, I bought the boys each one of those Big Books for their grade levels. I was really impressed by the quality of the activities. The 4th grade book covered grammar, reading comprehension, math, phonics, word study, etc. I had them do a few pages in each section each day as well as keep up on independent reading. We obviously weren’t doing our regularly scheduled curriculum, but it was a great way to keep their heads in the books, in a semi-independent way. I would definitely do that if we had some kind of upheaval (like a move) going on for a limited time.

  2. A page of math a day, every other problem should do it.
    Tell them to put the book in the bathroom when they’re
    done cuz you[\’ll be sure to sit down at least once there, right? Check a few problems at a “time”. lol.

    Besides math, if they read a few pages a day of some enjoyable book in the afternoon, they’ll get both a physical break and some mental stim. (I would NOT make them read something on the list just because you don’t want to get behind. Let them pick something and they’re MUCH more likley to read and remember it.

    But I wouldn’t do anything formal during this time. Just give yourself a one month “pass” on idealism and know that God knew your move would be a divine interruption. If anything, it will instill more understanding for ppl who are trying to keep hs’ing during a tumultuous time.

  3. Laurie (Jason),

    I agree 100% about the life lessons your children are learning that you can not find in a text book anywhere.

    It is your passion for God and His church that will be lessons learned and impressed upon their hearts.

    How exciting that they can learn this at such a young age and be able to reflect back years down the road on why the Reyes’ came to Akron.

    They will have partaken in something much greater than themselves.

    To partake in the advancement of the gospel in the Akron area and see the people at COGC cared for.

    Thanks for your example to my family, those in Maryland and in Ohio.

    Pat T

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