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I Know I Am Needy

No, this isn’t a spiritual post, though it is definitely a very true statement for me. First of all, thank you so much for all of the advice about packing. Please keep it coming. Even if you think of “just one more thing” – tell me. I am already so much more envisioned and prepared from some of the information you guys gave. Today I am going to wrap my art our blankets, etc. thanks to Kristie‘s advice. Also, Fishmama e-mailed me about labeling and I’m going to use the system she linked to (make labels for each room and label every side of the box on the upper left-hand corner). I am going to use a master list (like Tara and several others suggested), and I have the Flylady page bookmarked! Whew!

Still, I am needy. If you are a local girl, could you save your newspaper and boxes for me? I will pick them up whenever you let me know. Please spread the word that I need boxes. One bit of advice that was repeated by several people was that I would need way more boxes than I realize. I am taking Zoanna‘s advice and pleading for boxes via blog from my girlfriends here in MD.


5 thoughts on “I Know I Am Needy

  1. wish I was local! I’m a hoarder–we gave dozens of boxes to friends last fall for a move and we STILL have boxes coming out our ears in the basement 🙂 hope you find what you need–best wishes with the move. where are you moving TO? did you end up getting that house you once had a contingency on even though that expired a while back, or did you find a new place?

  2. Pat bought sticker books for the children when we moved years ago & they still remember playing with them in their empty bedroom in the new house. I also heard of this idea: keep a box available for the items you cant possibly live without like T.P., paper towels,soap, nutritious snacks, vitamins or medicine, important papers needed on moving day, & any other things you might not be able to find during the move. That box stays with you, not on the truck. We are praying for your family continually! Cant wait to see you settled.

  3. I don’t know if you are already done packing….I moved almost every 3 years of my life and moved with a newborn and a 3 year old across the country. Anyhow, One thing that really helped me was color coding the boxes and labeling them with ABC. I still labeled normal but for the visual person this really helped and for quick identification. I gave each room a different color paper…cut a bunch of squares. Then when we got to the new house in my envelope I had large pieces of that paper labeled with the room and on the door so basically dropping the boxes was a matter of matching the boxes color to the room. I put these little square on all sides of the box except the bottom. The ABC thing was an unpacking order. A were essentials B came next and C were items I didn’t need right away (think I still have some of those to unpack…horrible). It helped me to get all of our rooms settled quickly and to prioritize my unpacking so that it wasn’t a big mess and I had what I needed. When we moved in the church that helped us said it was the fastest unload they ever had done and were quite happy. It was a quick move. I will be praying for you and your new adventure.

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