Linky Loo: Metro Moms


Metro Moms is one of my favorite blogs. They consistently treat relevant women’s topics with wisdom, humility, and often humor. It is always short enough for a busy mom to read in just a few minutes, but packed with enough insight to think on all day.

I love the recent series they are doing about hospitality. It caught my attention when Sheree posted the following statement and thought-provoking questions.

In recent months some of us have been discussing the issue of hospitality and how it seems cultural norms in this area have changed over the years…resulting in affects in the church. For example:

  • Why is it that restaurants and coffee shops are so often the place where people enjoy hanging out and fellowshipping more than around the kitchen table?
  • Why do so many young brides feel unprepared for the rigors and fun of homemaking, cooking and meal planning? Could it be partly because they didn’t “practice” hospitality at home with their family and friends?
  • Why do many of today’s families spend less time enjoying meals together and more time eating on the run?

The outstanding series (so far) can be found here.

You may want to begin with the first post, called An Invitation by clicking here.

Linky Loo: The Blazing Center


Most of us know that Mark Altrogge is an amazing song writer, but you may not know that he writes a great blog as well. Mark and his son Stephen co-write The Blazing Center.  Right now I am really enjoying his series on “Waiting”. You can find the series (what has been written so far) here. You may want to begin with the first post, I Thought My Bladder Might Explode. Mark uses this real-life story as a metaphor for waiting. It applies so well to my situation with first, waiting for our house to sell, and now, waiting to see if the house we’d like to buy works out. Like a bladder being full, it is a normal operation of life (not a serious illness or disease; not like losing a job or loved one, etc.) – it’s just buying and selling a home. But it is amazing how when something mildly uncomfortable continues  for a long period of time, with no relief in sight, the feeling is quite miserable.  I am grateful for how God used Mark Altrogge’s posts on waiting to redirect my heart to seek satisfaction and contentment in Christ alone – not in a material object, change of circumstances, or life going according to my plan.

KidTalk Conversation Cards

kid-talk-cards.jpgMy thoughtful friend Kathy included this deck of cards in a gift for our family for our drive to Ohio. I did a trial run at Pizzeria Uno the other night with my other friend Cathy, her two daughters and Maggie. It really was fun.

Here is a sample card:

Tootsie Rolls have been around for more than 100 years. They were invented in 1896 by candy maker Leo Hirschfield. He named them after his young daughter Tootsie.

If you could invent a new candy, what ingredients would you use? After whom would you name it?

We all enjoyed answering the questions. as well as hearing others’ answers.  By the end of the evening Cathy’s daughter Emily even had a label design for her candy. Very fun.

Just thought I’d pass it along if you’re looking for something you can keep in your purse and use for long trips, eating at a restaurant, or maybe even a simple family night.

Here is one place you can find them.

Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…

…you’ll love this story.  Be sure to listen to the entire thing.  This isn’t just a feel-good sports story, it really brings glory to God.  The end is what is truly amazing. Please keep in mind that the radio talk show host is NOT a Christian.  For important background information, read this.  Johnny MacArthur, the football player in the story, is John MacArthur’s grandson.

Beggar Mama

This morning we seemed to hit the ground needing a lot of correction. I am grateful for something I read earlier in a book by Lou Priolo called Pleasing People: How Not To Be An Approval Junkie. The context for the statement is the attitude he tries to take with counselees (he is a professional counselor). He says, “I’m not an expert – I’m just one beggar showing another beggar where to find the bread. ” (pg. 196) This is the posture I want to take when correcting the kids today. I’m not better than they are, though my sins look a bit more refined. I’m just another beggar. I may happen to know where the Bread is only because I have needed it more and longer than my kids.

Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive

While I know that through our move to Akron my children are learning valuable, even once-in-a-lifetime lessons that couldn’t possibly come contained in a textbook or curriculum, I do want to keep the academic home school alive even if we have to hurdle fourteen boxes to get to our books (can that count as gym?). Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to do this effectively? I’d love to hear your 2 cents!