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Linky Loo: Metro Moms

Metro Moms is one of my favorite blogs. They consistently treat relevant women’s topics with wisdom, humility, and often humor. It is always short enough for a busy mom to read in just a few minutes, but packed with enough insight to think on all day. I love the recent series they are doing about… Continue reading Linky Loo: Metro Moms

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Linky Loo: The Blazing Center

Most of us know that Mark Altrogge is an amazing song writer, but you may not know that he writes a great blog as well. Mark and his son Stephen co-write The Blazing Center.  Right now I am really enjoying his series on “Waiting”. You can find the series (what has been written so far)… Continue reading Linky Loo: The Blazing Center


KidTalk Conversation Cards

My thoughtful friend Kathy included this deck of cards in a gift for our family for our drive to Ohio. I did a trial run at Pizzeria Uno the other night with my other friend Cathy, her two daughters and Maggie. It really was fun. Here is a sample card: Tootsie Rolls have been around… Continue reading KidTalk Conversation Cards

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Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…

…you’ll love this story.  Be sure to listen to the entire thing.  This isn’t just a feel-good sports story, it really brings glory to God.  The end is what is truly amazing. Please keep in mind that the radio talk show host is NOT a Christian.  For important background information, read this.  Johnny MacArthur, the… Continue reading Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…

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Beggar Mama

This morning we seemed to hit the ground needing a lot of correction. I am grateful for something I read earlier in a book by Lou Priolo called Pleasing People: How Not To Be An Approval Junkie. The context for the statement is the attitude he tries to take with counselees (he is a professional… Continue reading Beggar Mama

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Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive

While I know that through our move to Akron my children are learning valuable, even once-in-a-lifetime lessons that couldn’t possibly come contained in a textbook or curriculum, I do want to keep the academic home school alive even if we have to hurdle fourteen boxes to get to our books (can that count as gym?).… Continue reading Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive