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Linky Loo: Metro Moms

Metro Moms is one of my favorite blogs. They consistently treat relevant women’s topics with wisdom, humility, and often humor. It is always short enough for a busy mom to read in just a few minutes, but packed with enough insight to think on all day. I love the recent series they are doing about… Continue reading Linky Loo: Metro Moms

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Linky Loo: The Blazing Center

Most of us know that Mark Altrogge is an amazing song writer, but you may not know that he writes a great blog as well. Mark and his son Stephen co-write The Blazing Center.  Right now I am really enjoying his series on “Waiting”. You can find the series (what has been written so far)… Continue reading Linky Loo: The Blazing Center


KidTalk Conversation Cards

My thoughtful friend Kathy included this deck of cards in a gift for our family for our drive to Ohio. I did a trial run at Pizzeria Uno the other night with my other friend Cathy, her two daughters and Maggie. It really was fun. Here is a sample card: Tootsie Rolls have been around… Continue reading KidTalk Conversation Cards

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Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…

…you’ll love this story.  Be sure to listen to the entire thing.  This isn’t just a feel-good sports story, it really brings glory to God.  The end is what is truly amazing. Please keep in mind that the radio talk show host is NOT a Christian.  For important background information, read this.  Johnny MacArthur, the… Continue reading Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…

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Beggar Mama

This morning we seemed to hit the ground needing a lot of correction. I am grateful for something I read earlier in a book by Lou Priolo called Pleasing People: How Not To Be An Approval Junkie. The context for the statement is the attitude he tries to take with counselees (he is a professional… Continue reading Beggar Mama

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Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive

While I know that through our move to Akron my children are learning valuable, even once-in-a-lifetime lessons that couldn’t possibly come contained in a textbook or curriculum, I do want to keep the academic home school alive even if we have to hurdle fourteen boxes to get to our books (can that count as gym?).… Continue reading Your 2 Cents: Keeping Homeschool Alive


Helpful Parenting Article

I just finished reading a CCEF article called, How Do I Stop Losing Control With My Kids? by William Smith.  Many of the truths are familiar, but it is always good to be reminded, encouraged, and envisioned about parenting.  Few things in my life seem to require such a fight for vision like being a… Continue reading Helpful Parenting Article


Your 2 cents: Good Date Recipe?

I mean fruit-dates, not the romantic evenings we plan with our husbands… although I’m always happy to hear advice about “date night” as well, if you care to share. Do any of you have a good recipe that calls for chopped dates? I seem to remember a really good bar cookie from years back that… Continue reading Your 2 cents: Good Date Recipe?

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I Know I Am Needy

No, this isn’t a spiritual post, though it is definitely a very true statement for me. First of all, thank you so much for all of the advice about packing. Please keep it coming. Even if you think of “just one more thing” – tell me. I am already so much more envisioned and prepared… Continue reading I Know I Am Needy