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Twins Turn Ten!

On September 18th my twins, Joshua and Caleb turned ten years old. We celebrated with the entire family yesterday. So much fun. Wish I had more time to write about my little guys. Maybe later this week.

In the meantime, this is the lego cake they requested – very specifically. It was easy and you can find directions for a lego cake online by simply entering “lego cake” into the google search engine.  A lego-theme birthday party is super easy and pretty inexpensive if you own legos. The kids made all of the decorations out of their legos – which kept them entertained while I made the  cakes. They also made the border on the cake plate. We bought lego colored plates and napkins cheap. We put smaller bins of legos around the area for everyone to have a little fun building something. I even found lego fruit snacks and candy (that really linked like legos) for the goody bags. I’m glad the boys chose this theme.

FYI lego-blue icing dyes your teeth and tongue 🙂 .

8 thoughts on “Twins Turn Ten!

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but you really do have a cake decorating gift! I love seeing what you’re able to do with some talent and creativity…and I can’t believe the boys are 10!

  2. You really take the cake when it comes to decorating them, Laurie. I love this cake and so does Joel. Hmmm…I see Feb 14th’s theme maybe not being Superheroes again for his party. I still remember you sucking on popsicles at the ladies retreat when you were pregnant with these guys. Wow. Ten years old. Happy Birthday, J and C !

  3. I just want to see the pictures of everyone’s teeth!

    And, having the twins myself, has picking a theme ever been an argument btw. the two of them or have they always wanted the same thing? What do you do when they don’t want the same theme?

  4. Great cake! I can’t believe the twins are 10 either! I remember teaching them when they were 6. Can’t believe that was 4 years ago, but it was before I was married, so I guess so! Time flies.

  5. September 18th is a great day to be born on! Karla Tumino and I share that same day. With the twins we may have the record now for most people with the same birthday in the church! How fun is that?
    Have you ever done a Poodle Cake? That is the theme my daughter is having for her birthday and I am looking for ideas!

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