The Week In Review

These are a few moments from our week that would be forgotten if I didn’t write them here. I predict their ordinary-ness  will be what makes them precious some day. It’s the stuff of our real lives right now.

ravens-opening-day.jpg (click picture to enlarge) On Monday we celebrated the Ravens’ first game of the season. To say the menfolk were excited would be an understatement. Earlier in the day Izzy said, “Mom, I think Betsey/Dutchess might be a good luck dog. Since she was with us, Tennessee won (yes, Jason has them all about orange) so maybe tonight she’ll help the Ravens win.” Ahhh Betsey, even your magical powers couldn’t compensate for lots of injuries and turnovers.  Still, we made the most of game night. Maggie sang songs. At one point she broke into, “we will we will rock you.”  Excuse me?! What did you just say?!!!  Good grief. Then one of our boys started the wave…all six of us…over and over until we moved on to dint, dint, dint, dint, clap, clap, clap, clap, etc., charge!!

Other means of entertainment not involving purple included trying to figure out which Altrogge was singing what song on their cd, In A Little While. We have it in the van right now and every song I hear the boys saying stuff like, “that must be the son, because it sounds too young for the old guy.” “wow, the dad sounds really young…” I tried to explain to the boys that Mr. Altrogge isn’t very old, but they saw the picture which apparently to a 9 year old proves their point. We love this cd, by the way. And unlike so many worship cd’s for me, it didn’t have to grow on me. I loved it from the first time we hit “play”.   I have a hard time transitioning from one favorite worship cd to the next. I just grow really attached, so when a new one comes on the horizon it takes me a while to warm up to it. Well, this one is really fantastic and the whole family pretty much has it memorized.

Of course Betsey Dutchess (which is what we call her most of the time) makes up a major part of our week in review. Besides continuing to be the best dog ever, she has proven to have more patience than any human in this family.  Like the time when Maggie decided to put her Build A Bear outfit on her. It was a little small. Or the time when Maggie thought Betsey needed a hair-do like my mom’s Maltese, Sophie. Thank goodness I caught Maggs before the rubber band was permanently entangled (poor dog had a serious brow lift for a few minutes). Yeah, Betsey probably hates her life, but she’s a good sport and hasn’t bitten or even growled at anyone yet…even when Maggie tries to put her in a stroller.

And perhaps one of the most familiar sounds of September I am listening to even as I type: my boys in the back yard playing football with daddy. Okay, someone just got the air knocked out of him – gotta go!

4 thoughts on “The Week In Review

  1. laughing out loud right up until the end. Poor buddy. Hope he’s alright. I could picture it all. The boys got haircuts?!

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