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Quotable Kiddos

Our family was in the car the other day and we passed a very hoity-toity neighborhood. So the kids were admiring the mansions when I, being the obnoxious “let’s make everything an object lesson” parent that I am, say something to the effect of, “those mansions don’t make people happy, you know.”

One of my sons immediately blurts out, “I think they’d make me happy (pause…considering what he just said) …at least for a little while.”

From the mouth of babes.

Later, I think on the ride home that same day, Jason, says, “where is our REAL mansion, guys?”

Another son blurts out, “In Ohio!”

Tee Hee. May it be.  Not that that would make me truly happy or anything…at least not for very long.


6 thoughts on “Quotable Kiddos

  1. I’m snoritng! That kids who muattered “at it’d make me happy at tleast for a little while” sounds like my eldst. The honesty on the sleeve can’t be beat. My mom always said, “I won’t care about a mansion in heaven. Give me mine NOW!

  2. laughing out loud! In panera…I’m probably being laughed at, too. 🙂

    At least your son’s honest..it would probably make him happy (and any of us)…for a little while. 🙂

    May not be a mansion in Ohio, but it certainly is God’s abundant blessing and grace to be sure!

  3. By the way:

    You should totally call me the next time you’re in my neighborhood! But I wouldn’t call it that hoity-toity. Well, the girl who lives at 622 kind of has her nose in the air, but that’s really it…


  4. That is awesome!! I can tell you from experience that you are right though, people in mansions on earth are not necessarily the happiest people. lol remember when we were kids I used to BEG my parents to move to K court. ( I am sure they thought I was a bit deranged)


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