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All She Wants For Christmas is…

maggie-toothless.jpg  My big girl lost her 4th tooth!  She just turned 6. Isn’t it kind of early to lose your front teeth? I seem to remember my boys being in 2nd grade.


3 thoughts on “All She Wants For Christmas is…

  1. Wow she’s lost 4 teeth? I saw on Megan’s blog that Ethan lost his tooth too. I had no idea how near all of this is in my future until you two blogged about it! Do they complain of it hurting or anything before they lose it?

    She is precious!

  2. Tara,
    I think she lost her first tooth about 6 months ago, and the second came quickly after. It was the front bottom two. Then a long time passed and she lost these two within about a month of each other. She’s losing them a lot faster and earlier than the boys did.

    It does kind of hurt a little. She lets them get to the point that they’re dangling (disgusting), so it’s uncomfortable to chew.

    I’m so glad she broke her finger sucking habit before the permanent ones came in. Yey Maggs!!!

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