quotable kiddos

Quotable Kiddos

Maggie came with me to a meeting at my parent’s house the other night. She was going to choose a video to watch in the other room. The conversation went like this:

Maggs: Can I watch that amb… you know, the deer movie?

Me: You mean Bambi?

Maggs: Yeah, Ambi, I like that one.

I find this funny because if ever a mother bumped the line on too much Disney, it would be me. And here my daughter doesn’t even know who Bambi is.  But honestly, the two classics I just can’t handle are Bambi and Pinocchio (hello, is anyone else a little creeped out by that one?!). That said, we all have Peter Pan and Jungle Book memorized.

3 thoughts on “Quotable Kiddos

  1. Never liked Disney’s Pinocchio, but the hardest Disney segment for me as a kid was the Heffalump Dream in Winnie the Pooh – that used to really freak me out.

  2. Have you seen Bambi II? We got hooked on it recently. After watching it the first time I thought “what was the plot?, but after seeing parts of it a few more times it’s cute lines & catchy music grew on me. The animation of the wildlife is beautiful & we now have fun with a few memorable lines from it. Haven’t bought it yet but our library has it.

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