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Such Sweet Sorrow

I’ll be honest, this whole leaving thing is hard. Really hard. And at this point, the sorrow of leaving eclipses the excitement of going. I feel a bit like a Pavlovian dog – when someone includes the word “leaving” in a sentence, my eyes fill. I can’t claim that I’m not a cryer anymore because I have spent so much time crying of late.

I love my life here in Maryland. I love my family. I love my church. I love my friends. I love my house. I love the Abingdon library and the Target and the YMCA – all less than five minutes from home. So the idea of leaving it all is very sad and my heart is often overcome with sorrow.

But this is sweet sorrow. The reason why this is so hard is because God is so good and He gives such good gifts. Would I want it to be easy? Would I want to only be excited about the new adventure awaiting us? Would I want to have one hour straight with my mother and not be reduced to tears? Would I want to worship with my church here and not cry at the thought of the Almengor’s not being behind me or Jack and Charli beside us?  The answer is a definite no.

These gifts of an amazing family, church, friends and other simple pleasures come from the hand of a gracious God. This gracious God who gives such gifts to undeserving ones like me will be in Akron, Ohio. This is a hope I look forward to as I leave what is so dear. So as I weep, I rejoice that God who has been so good to me will continue to show goodness to me all the days of my life not because I am worthy, but because Jesus the worthy One died in my place suffering the wrath I deserve so that I might experience the favor He alone deserves.

John 1:16 And from His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.


5 thoughts on “Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. I am a cryer and I’ve shed many tears over your move. But, as my husband so wisely reminded me and I recently wrote to you, you are choosing the path of God’s grace…there you will find again His goodness and favor albeit hard. God promises to draw close to the brokenhearted. He is ever near!

  2. Great post. We are truly sorry to see you go, but we know that we will visit if you let us. We love road trips! I really shouldn’t be as sad as I am that you are leaving! It’s not like we really hang out, but when I’m with you, I love the company. Chad loves Jason, too! I have too many great memories that are attached to you guys!

    If Akron had a beach, I’d be there with you guys!

    Don’t I have great priorities?

  3. of of those memories is Jason saying to me while looking at you across the field in Harford Square:

    “Man, we’d have some really pretty kids if we got married”!

    I’d say you did 🙂

  4. Josh and I would love to come visit you too. How about around the time they hold the World Golf tournament next year, when Tiger Woods is in town! 🙂 Josh watched it this weekend and we were impressed that Akron hosted the tournament.

    See Beth, we have priorities like you!

    No really, on a more serious note, we’ll miss you guys a lot. Like Beth, we never hung out a lot, but I’ve always enjoyed the conversations we’ve had. Especially now, as we’ve got twins in common. But, as someone who’s moved a lot, it’s always amazing how God puts together the perfect details. Even when you miss a place you’ve left and the parting is hard, you always discover God has something so much better in store.

  5. We have blood relatives in Cincinnati, so we’ll definitely swing thru Akron to see you guys. It would be a treat, cuz it’s not like Ohio has a lot of tourist attractions that we’d go out of our way for!! Paul would come during the golf tourney, for sure.

    I am confident you guys will fit right in like family there, too.
    They ARE family–you just haven’t met many of them yet! Kind of like a prelude to heaven; look at it that way and maybe you won’t cry so much???? Oh, but go ahead and cry. If you don’t, I’ll give you something to cry about!!!!

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