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Happy Birthday Little Sparkler!


Maggie turned 6 today. She has had a big year for birthdays. Last week Grammy treated Maggie to a bus trip to New York for an American Girl Place experience of a lifetime. Then this past Monday, Abuela took Maggie to Build A Bear where she made a bunny named Pearl.

So today, we continued the festivities and had the Reyes’ over to cook out, swim, and continue the celebration of Maggie’s 6th birthday. What a blessed little girl to have so much family who loves her so much!!!

maggie-fairy-cake.jpgThis is Maggie’s Fairy Cake. My very talented neice, Sierra (who just turned 15) drew this Chibi-style version of Maggs as a fairy. I transferred it to the cake, but the real talent definitely is in Sierra’s artwork. We are going to try to make a 3D of the fairy out of gumpaste for the Cannon family cake on Sunday.

sierras-fairy.jpgHere is a photograph of Sierra’s fairy. She drew in less than 10 minutes. It is a simple line drawing so that I could transfer it. She is incredible. I wish I could have reproduced the eyes better on the cake. She looks scared on the cake as opposed to bashful in the picture Sierra drew. She has some amazing sketches. I wish I had a scanner so I could publish them here.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Sparkler!

  1. Happy Birthday, Mags! Hope you had a great day with your family. We love you, too, sweet girl!

  2. Happy Birthday, Maggie!

    What a great cake. Sierra is very talented. She is also such a godly example for Maggie to follow. It was a blessing to be in the same prayer group at school. So mature and godly, I learned so much from her.

  3. Happy Birthday, Maggie! Sounds like you’ve had great fun. The NYC trip sounded very fun. Does Maggie know there’s going to be a big screen American Girl movie coming out? I’m sure she does.

    And yes, Sierra is very talented. I’ve seen a lot of her stuff.

  4. laurie

    I love this look. The pic. reminds me of you. I really want something lovely for my blog but I’m so inept w/ these things. Not sure if blogger can do a layout like this anyway, so it might not even be worth my effort trying. I like the tabs at the top, too…clever. Maybe one day when we’re both twiddling our thumbs with nothing to do you can invite me over to spruce up my blog layout a bit. 🙂

  5. Happy birthday, Maggie. What a memories you’ve made with both grandmothers!! And yes, those true artists who make sketches in 10 minutes than I couldn’t get right in 10 years, well, they are to be celebrated as well. Thanks, Sierra. The mushroom pedestal is way too cute for words.

  6. Danielle, we didn’t know about the American Girl Movie. We are new to the phenomenon. Sierra handed down her “Samantha” doll to Maggie along with some clothing and accessories. I just got the first Samantha book from the library and am skimming to see if I should read it to Maggs yet or not.

    Zoanna, I admit the images of the orphans from your blog crossed my mind when I was writing about Maggie’s lavish birthday. What a privileged life we lead. It is sobering and humbling, and I’m glad to show Maggie the potential life she could be leading elsewhere.

    Bri, I am a template junkie so I would looooove to help out.

    Sarah, you’re right about the godly role model Sierra is for Maggs. I am blessed that Sierra has a special heart for her and spends time cultivating their friendship.

  7. Like your new look too! If you google American Girl movie I think you’ll come up with something about it. It’s about Kit and it’s a mystery and is produced by Julia Roberts. My sister used to get American Girl magazine. I was introduced to them when there were “just” 3 dolls: Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. I have Kirsten, and my sisters have Samantha and Felicity. I used to drool over the cool stuff. They used to have dresses you could buy for yourself to match the dolls. What an empire that company is now!

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