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from Don’t Waste Your Life

I want to remember this as I go about my work as a wife, mother, and homemaker today.  

“…the essence of our work as humans must be that it is done in the conscious reliance on God’s power, and in conscious quest of God’s pattern of excellence, and in deliberate aim to reflect God’s glory. When you work like this – no matter what your vocation is – you can have sweet peace at the end of the day. It has not been wasted. God has not created us to be idle. Therefore, those who abandon creative productivitiy lose the joy of God-dependent, world-shaping, God-reflecting purposeful work. ‘Sweet is the sleep of a laborer, whether he eats little or much, but the full stomach of the rich will not let him sleep’ (Ecc. 5:12). Jonathan Edwards made it a rule that personal piety to the neglect of secular duties is hypocritical. He described his own wife (“the person”) to illustrate the opposite:

“Oh how good,” said the person once, “it is to work for God in the daytime, and at night to lie down under His smiles!” High experiences and religious affections in this person have not been attended with any disposition at all to neglect the necessary business of a secular calling, to spend time in reading and prayer, and other exercises of devotion; but worldly business has been attended with great alacrity, as part of the service of God; the person declaring that it being done thus, “tis found to be as good as prayer.”

John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life, pg. 141


One thought on “from Don’t Waste Your Life

  1. Besides the Bible, two books have had more impact on me than any others in my life:
    this one (Don’t Waste Your Life) and When People are Big and God is Small.
    I like the excerpt you’ve taken here. It’s easy to forget in the dailiness of work that has its rewards.

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