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Quotable Kiddos

Almighty Josh  I was correcting one of my boys after an outburst of anger when his brother beat him in basketball. Just in case you don’t know us, competition is a way of life around here, and God uses it to sanctify us all. Anyway, it happened a while ago, so I don’t remember exactly how… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos

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A Hard Habit to Break

 It’s time for Maggie to break her finger-sucking habit. One of her front teeth is loose, so we would like to stop the sucking before we lose our baby teeth. She is ready to be finished with it, but it is very hard for her (and for me who wants to keep her my baby… Continue reading A Hard Habit to Break

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fun game for kiddos

Maggie and I had a little bit of time alone yesterday. We played one of her favorite games. I’m sure it’s familiar to you, but I thought I’d pass it on/remind you of it because if you’re like me, new ideas for family night games, especially pre-board game age, are very helpful. Basically you find… Continue reading fun game for kiddos

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from Don’t Waste Your Life

I want to remember this as I go about my work as a wife, mother, and homemaker today.   “…the essence of our work as humans must be that it is done in the conscious reliance on God’s power, and in conscious quest of God’s pattern of excellence, and in deliberate aim to reflect God’s glory.… Continue reading from Don’t Waste Your Life


Jungle Gems

If you’re local, don’t forget about “Jungle Gems” tomorrow. This is Chesapeake’s playground playgroup for moms. We will be at Lyn Stacie Getz playground tomorrow from 10am – 11:30am. Hope to see you there!


Marinade for London Broil

GRILLED LONDON BROIL from COOKS.COM 1 1/2 – 2 lb. London Broil steakMARINADE:1/2 c. soy sauce 1/4 c. vegetable oil 2 tbsp. molasses 2 tsp. ground ginger 2 tsp. dry mustard 6 cloves garlic, minced 1 med. onion, thinly slicedMix well all ingredients except onion. Add onion. Marinate meat at least 3 hours or overnight. Heat… Continue reading Marinade for London Broil

Household Management!

Good Deal on Chicken

If you are like me, you stock your freezer when there’s a good deal on meat, especially chicken. Giant will have boneless chicken breasts for $1.79 per pound starting tomorrow.  They also have London Broil for $1.99 per lb. Also, if you are doing the Menus 4 Moms plan that I told you about, they… Continue reading Good Deal on Chicken