One More Memory

family-photos-007.jpgBe careful what you say. Just this weekend I said to my mother, “we haven’t been to the emergency room for a while, I have a feeling we are due for a visit.” The context for such a comment was my boys trying to use a skateboard ramp their friend (Jack’s other cousin, Evan) brought to the birthday party this past Saturday. The boys are into more traditional sports, not skateboarding so much, but we ended up with just bruises and scratches.

It seemed like for a couple of years every few months someone was getting stapled, glued, or stitched. It’s been over a year, I think, since we went to the emergency room, so I knew we were due.  Well, yesterday while diving into the end zone (playing football in the backyard with his brothers), my son Caleb broke his collar bone. It was very painful. I felt so sorry for him. He is doing well now.  My challenge is keeping his brothers far enough away from him to not re-injure the poor kid. This is harder than you  may think!


15 thoughts on “One More Memory

  1. OUch. That had to hurt. You know, it’s been awhile for us, too. I think I’ll close all doors, pull all blinds, de-tire all vehicles, dull all sharp objects, and not even them eat. They could choke, ya know.

  2. Man, that’s quite a break. At least it happened while he was dramatically diving into the end zone, so he can brag about it! 🙂 Seriously though, I’m glad he’s okay.

  3. Zoanna, may our trips to the hospital never be as dramatic as yours! Yikes.

    Danielle, after the doctor asked Caleb how he broke it he said, “oh, so you were hot-doggin’ were ya?” Caleb bashfully mumbled, “yeah”. He is enjoying the attention from his injury.

    Kristie, I’m so happy you’re blogging again. I’ve missed you!

  4. Thanks, I am back, but I’m already wondering at the wisdom of that decision! I’ve had numerous photo troubles with WordPress. Any advice?

  5. Kristie, WordPress is annoying for downloading pictures. Mine are huge so when I click send to the editor, I have to shrink them significantly. I really have considered going back to blogger because of this.

    Danielle, you’ve never had problems downloading pictures, do you have any advice for Kristie?

  6. Well, see the thing is I take my large photos and downsize them in Photoshop first, so their small when the go into WP. I’d recommend looking for some free online photo editing software if you can (or see if something came with your camera that would allow you to make images smaller). Another way is to resize right in Word Press. This works too and is something my friend Ashleigh mentioned. After you send an image to the editor, clikd on the “Code” tab.

    There should be image code that looks something like this:

    See where it says height and width? That’s the image information. Ashleigh says she always resizes hers to 480 px by 640 px for vertical and 640 px by 480 px for horizontal. I tried it once this way and it worked, but like I said, usually I do it in Photoshop.

  7. Hmmm, for some reason the code is not showing up. Anyway, it starts with . In between will be info about your image which will include for example height=”319″ width= “215” (your numbers could be different depending on the size of your image). It’s those numbers that you can manipulate to change the size of the image. I hope all this makes sense! I wish the full code would post!

  8. to add my $.02…I also totally hate WordPress for pictures, that’s why I’m still at Blogger 🙂 I’ve tried the resizing Danielle mentions but when I’ve done it, the pictures have come out very slightly distorted (the person looks skinnier than they really are…well maybe this is a good thing!). I don’t know that there’s any way around opening a photo editing program (even something as simple as Microsoft’s Picture Manager) and resizing them and saving a new copy in the smaller size. Which is an annoying extra step you don’t have with Blogger 🙂 And even then, I’ve only had luck posting thumbnails of the pictures!

  9. Danielle, I know what code you’re talking about. I should just remember to edit them first, then post.

    thanks for the help. 🙂

  10. Amy, I’m thinking about your comment regarding joyful first-time obedience and will comment later if I have anything wise to say. As for our family, we are more often than I care to admit doing “third time obedience with a threat”. So I am still learning myself.

    I know others of you must have a word or two of wisdom for our “expectant-for-the-first-time” cyber-friend.

  11. I love how he looks like he’s forcing a smile from the pain but also sort of embarassed. So adorable. Hope he recovers soon.

  12. Well, I had more success with Microsoft Photo Editor than with Irfanview or Picasa2. I don’t always upload photos to Snapfish so I wanted to be able to go straight from a file on my computer. The last picture I put up was with Photo Editor.

    Thanks so much for the help.

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