Our Townhouse and Twins

Here’s a fascinating little bit of information about our old townhouse. The original owners of the townhouse had twins. When they moved out, they rented the house to a family who had twins. We bought the house, and of course, we have twins. Briana lived with us for a year or so when we lived in that townhouse. She now has twins. And believe it or not, Josh (the famous blogger Danielle‘s husband) stayed at our house for about two weeks while we lived in that townhouse and we all know that they are now expecting twins. Crazy, huh? I feel excited for the young couple who now lives there. Hope they want twins.

 Any fun stories about a house you’ve lived in?

5 thoughts on “Our Townhouse and Twins

  1. This isn’t fun, but someone was shot in the house my mom lives in now (before she lived there of course) as well as someone grew marijuana in the basement. That’s more like weird stories vs fun!

  2. The house I grew up in was very 60s/early 70s. We moved there in 1974 and it was all duded up with different color paint in every room (red, orange, avocado) with shag carpet to match each room. One bedroom was papered on one wall with prints of famous athletes from the time. My brother has had that room forever and the jocks are still on the wall. The funny thing is that they are really famous athletes now: Joe Namath, Muhammad Ali, I’m not sports minded, but I think many became icons. My brothers think the wall would be worth something. Who knows….

  3. Our first house, in Abindgon, was passed down from one couple in the church, to another, and then to us. The first two couples conceived their children in that house…Guess we’re going to break that tradition, as we now live in PA! We joke though that we’ll have to make a quick “stop” into the house when our time comes! (Ok, so Karen Hevesy jokes about that!)

  4. That is a really fun house story! But isn’t the couple in the house now in their late 60’s? !!Heehee.

    The first house my parents owned they rented to foreign students. They called it International Friendship House. One guy there, Ferooz (sp?) loved to pinch my cheeks every time I went in with Daddy for some landlordly checkup or something.

    The parsonage in Alden, KS, had a great floor plan. Each level made one complete loop. The first level would take you from front door, thru kitchn, DR, LR, FR, then a Nancy DRew like secret passage where Daddy kept his file cabinet, then to the little bathroom, and back to the kitchen. The shower didn’t work in that little bath so my parents kept boxes and junk in it w/ the curtain pulled. ONe day my sister Rachel and her friend Cherie were playing hide-and-seek. Cherie hid in the shower, way up on boxes, behind the pulled curtain. Then, quiet as a church mouse, witnessed the pastor (my dad!) come in, close both doors, and proceed to use the toilet. She has probably never forgotten that!

  5. Funny stories! Oh, I forgot that in the house we currently live we found crack cocaine in the basement stuffed up under the floorboards of the floor above.

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