a name is a name is a name?

I thought I’d pass on a fascinating little tidbit of information about myself here on the blog. Here it is:   My name includes every vowel but one. L-a-u-r-i-e.   Well. That’s all I’ve got these days. By the way, can you think of any other names boast this distinction? 

Also, my husband’s name is the initial consonant of the months from July to November. Jason: July, August, September, October, November.

Anything cool about your name?


18 thoughts on “a name is a name is a name?

  1. How about the fact that I was named after Jesse James? Yeah, it’s not something to brag about — unless you’re a Southern sympathizer from Missouri. Happy to share how I know THAT. 🙂

  2. Hope you don’t mind my occasional visits to your blog. I’m frequently encouraged by your humble and interesting posts 🙂

    The name Louisa also has every vowel except one.

  3. Cool tidbit! No interesting info about my name, except that my first and middle names are of French origin, but that wasn’t planned nor does it mean anything.

    Nice to have you back (online that is)! 😉

  4. Laura, welcome. thank you for your kind words. Louisa…that’s great. My husband and I spent a while thinking about it and only came up with the unfortunate name, Aloisius (pronounced Alo-ish-us). I’m sure there are more.

    Travis, I have never met a girl bearing your name…ever. I think it clearly declares: guy.

  5. In the 70’s there was a woman who showed extreme kindness towards my mother, and when my mother asked her why she had done what she did, the woman replied that it was because as a follower of Christ she was commanded to. This woman, named Melanie, led my mother to the Lord, directed her to a school Bible study, where she met my father.

    I am named after a woman of God, who without knowing the effects of her simple act of kindness, effected my life, and the future lives of the generations that will follow me, b/c I will teach my future children of what my mother learned that day from Melanie.

    The incredible thing, is that this woman does not even know the effects of her actions, but she will someday… 🙂


  6. My name is spelled simply like “brian” with an extra “a” at the end…no double n’s. 🙂
    It means ‘strong’ which has proven significant to me over the course of my life. Walking through various trials, God’s proven it’s really more about His strength being perfected in my weakness than it is about some kind of inner strength I have apart from Him.

  7. I have uncommon double initials, ZZ, which I think are kinda cool. Never had anything to do with the first name, and only a “yes!” to getting the second.
    I enjoy telling strangers, when they ask, “What’s your name mean?” that in the Greek is it “zoe” which means abuandant life, the kind Jesus gives us when we follow Him. It makes for an easy segue into a mini testimony. Some people, no doubt, wish they’d never asked!

  8. I have nothing to offer up except two things that don’t really apply, but I’m going to comment on your blog anyway!

    My first name is Elizabeth and my maiden name was Jacobs. There are Jewish Synagogue’s everywhere called Elizabeth Jacob and people always thought I was Jewish. Well, Jewish people thought I was Jewish.

    Every time I tell people on the telephone that my name is Beth they think it’s “Bess”. Sometimes “Beff”. Seriously? First of all, no one is named Bess anymore and second of all, does Beff exist?

    Oh, also that there are like 100 various short names or nick names that can come from “Elizabeth”. I could be REALLY annoying and start naming them all, but I won’t!

    More than you needed to know 🙂

  9. my name backwards is spelled A -RAT… yeah that wasn’t to fun when the elementary kids in my class figured that one out.

  10. I, like Beth have a religious place associated with me. I learned that the first time I watched “The Sound of Music” and they sang about Maria living in “THE ABBEY”. (sp?) Well, some other nice things about my name would be that I’m always the first on the list in alphabetical order, my name means “source of joy” or “Father’s joy” (I’m the youngest child with 3 older brothers and I definitely have my father wrapped around my little finger if you know what I mean), and it’s cool to have the same name as the Abigail in the Bible who is a wonderful example of godliness. But I think the most interesting thing about it is that my initials are the same as the “American Movie Classic” channel. Yea, I know, I know, you’re all so jealous! 😉

  11. I am an Elizabeth, which many people don’t know. I am not called Elizabeth by one single person. In general, unless I have to legally state my name, I even forget that my first name is Elizabeth!! Also, I have NEVER met anyone whose name is the same as my middle name “Greer.” I grew up hating it, and now love it. Would name my daughter Greer, but a certain husband (who will remain unnamed), doesn’t like it. Growing up I always got, “Hey, did you know that Greer rhymes with rear?!” ha.

  12. If you take the first 4 letters of my first name, the first 2 letters of my middle name and the last letter of my last name, it spells krismis….and my due date was on Christmas.

    Other than that… my name means believer in Christ.

  13. before i married, my name was Heather Elizabeth Lilley; now of course my last name is Griger. when we were expecting our second child, Lucy, and planning to give her the same middle name, my mom said to me: ” you know her initials will be LEG, right?” “I know”, i responded, “but i lived with HEL for 26 years, so i think she’ll be ok”! i have to say, though, going to a christian school all my life kind of deterred people from teasing me about my initials 🙂

  14. I am so enjoying your blog! I live way over in California – near the ocean halfway in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, yet I find a commonality with our lives. (Mostly because of being in that same stage of life – motherhood.) What you’re saying is what I need to hear. Thank you for all the spiritual insight. I believe it is no accident that God led me to your blog the other day!

    Okay on the name thing- I love stuff like this!
    My full name has all the vowels in it, my firstborn daughter’s name does too, but even though I tried, my littlest one’s name does not. If she had been a boy, then that child would also! Then there’s the whole thing of each of us girls in my family having the same number of letters in our name…not intended, but fun…

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Okay, I had to think about it for a second – I never give my real name over the internet, but other wise why did I post that last blog?!?

    My name: Joanie Elizabeth Fugitt, all vowels present, some more than once, 21 letters
    My firstborn: Sedona Christine Fugitt, all vowels present, some more than once, 21 letters
    My littlest: Marissa Kathleen Fugitt, missing that O, Oh, well! Still 21 letters!

    Don’t even get me started on that last name; it’s pronounced “Few get,” so we always say “Few get it right!”

    And, Laurie, that was tremendously funny about the Sonny Bono doll. Also, I used to be a second grade teacher, so I’d be glad to help if you had a teaching reading question. 🙂

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